How to fill Siwes logbook for Computer Science Student (2024)

As a computer science student, you will be required to complete a Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) logbook in your third year in university depending on the kind of institution. You can request a personalized logbook entry about your field of study for the whole 6 months. Please click here.

Your SIWES logbook is an important document that will help you keep track of your training and internship periods. Make sure you fill it out properly and submit it on time!

Here are the steps on How to fill Siwes logbook for Computer Science Students:

  • Get the Siwes Logbook from your employer
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Write a brief description of your company
  • Outline your duties and responsibilities
  • Keep a record of your daily activities
  • Have your employer sign and stamp the logbook
  • Submit the logbook to your SIWES coordinator

Remember to be as detailed as possible in your entries! The more specific you are, the easier it will be to reflect on your experience later on. Make sure to get your Siwes logbook signed and stamped by your employer before submission.

Sample of filled Siwes Logbook for Computer Science

Please note your first day at your siwes training should be an introduction to the company. why? no one will believe you started on your first day! Follow these steps and you will get the hang of it.

Week 1

Day 1| Introduction to the company

I was introduced to the company, and what service they offer as an organization. Also, I was introduced to the team members and my role as a siwes intern was discussed

Day 2| Learning how to use specific software

Today I worked on learning how to use the software and I was able to Perform unit testing and take part in system analysis

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Day 3| Creating code

I created a code that helped automate some of the tasks my employer had to do manually

Day 4| Debugging code

We found and fixed several errors on our company’s website today and I made a note of it in my logbook

Day 5| Installing and configuring software

I installed and configured the “Apache” web server today

Week 2

Day 1| Providing technical support

I provided technical support to our company’s customers today by helping them troubleshoot their issues

Day 2| Conducting Research

I conducted research on ways to improve our company’s website and presented my findings to my supervisor

Day 3| Updating software

I updated our company’s website today by adding some new features also, made a note of it in my logbook

Day 4| Solving software problems

I helped solve some software problems our company was having by researching the issue and finding a solution

Day 5| Debugging programs

Today I debugged a program for the first time and I feel confident that I can do it again. I located the error and corrected it.

Week 3

Day 1| Building websites

Today I created a few websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and test them to see if they work as intended.

Day 2| Creating databases

I created a database using Microsoft Access to store customer information.

Day 3| Installing and configuring computer networks

Today I installed and configured a computer network for the first time, which was a great experience. I had to follow instructions carefully and make sure that everything was done correctly.

Day 4| Writing code

I wrote a code that helped automate some of the tasks my employer had to do manually

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Week 4

Day 1| Troubleshooting hardware

I Explored the computer lab and familiarized myself with the hardware and software available.

I encountered network connectivity issues while trying to access online resources. Troubleshoot the issues by checking network cables and resetting network settings.

Day 2| Code snippets in Python

Reviewed basic programming concepts and practiced writing simple code snippets in Python.

Assisted a fellow student with a hardware issue on their computer, identifying and replacing a faulty RAM module.

Day 3| Troubleshooting hardware

I continued to familiarize myself with the lab and the available resources.

Assisted the lab technician with troubleshooting network connectivity issues on several computers, identifying and resolving a faulty switch.

Day 4| Virtual Machine

Worked on setting up a virtual machine Hyper V on my laptop for software development projects.

Troubleshoot the virtual machine’s network settings, I eventually resolved the issue by configuring the virtual network adapter to use a bridged connection.

The last page on your Siwes Logbook (Overall Experience)

I learned a lot about computer networks and how they work during my Siwes placement. I also gained some valuable experience in configuring and troubleshooting networks. This will be very useful in my future career as a computer scientist.

Download the sample of a filled computer science student siwes logbook pdf Here

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Where can a computer student science do Siwes?

Computer science students can undergo their siwes training in Software companies, IT companies, IoT, and most organizations that deals with UI/UX console and other computer-related background


Make sure to document all the tasks you perform during your SIWES training, no matter how small. This will be a valuable record of your skills and experience that you can refer to later on in your career.

Please share with friends and other Computer Science students.

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