How to Fill Siwes Logbook for Medical Laboratory Students

As a Medical Laboratory Student, part of your training is the SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) program.

The SIWES is a skill development program that provides students with an opportunity to acquire industrial skills through actual work experience in their field of study. One of the requirements of the SIWES Program is that you maintain a logbook. This logbook is a record of your activities and experiences during the SIWES program and it should relate to Medical Laboratory activities or similar tasks.

How to Fill Siwes Logbook for Medical Laboratory

The Siwes logbook for medical laboratory students is a vital tool in helping them record and interpret data. It is also a great way for employers to get an idea of what the student has been up to during their internship. Here are some tips on how to fill out your Siwes logbook:

  • Date each entry.
  • Include a brief description of the task or activity you completed.
  • Indicate the number of hours spent on the task or activity.
  • Rate your level of satisfaction with the task or activity on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest level of satisfaction.

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Sample of a Filled Medical Laboratory Student Siwes Logbook

The list of activities below is not exhaustive, but it provides a general idea of the types of tasks that a Medical Laboratory student might perform during their SIWES program:

Day1 |Collecting and processing blood samples

Today I collected and processed blood samples from patients in the Medical Laboratory. I followed all of the necessary safety procedures and was able to complete the task successfully. This experience has taught me the importance of precision and accuracy when working with blood samples.

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Day2 |Analyzing blood samples using various laboratory equipment

Today I used the microscope to analyze blood samples for various cell types. I also used the centrifuge to separate different components of the blood sample. This experience has taught me how to use laboratory equipment properly and how to interpret results accurately.

Day3| Preparing slides for microscopic analysis

Today I prepared slides for microscopic analysis. I followed all of the necessary procedures and made sure that the slides were of high quality. I also checked to make sure that the slides were properly labeled.

I then placed the slides into the designated area for storage. I made sure that they were organized and easy to find. I also wrote down the date and time of when I prepared them.

Day4 |Recording and interpreting data

Today I was tasked with recording and interpreting data from a patient’s blood sample. This is an important part of the medical laboratory process, as it helps to provide information that can be used to diagnose and treat patients. I was able to learn about the different types of blood cells and how they are affected by various diseases. I also gained experience in using different instruments.

Day5 |Maintaining a clean and orderly work area

Today I made sure that the medical laboratory was clean and organized. I cleaned all of the surfaces and ensured that all of the equipment was properly sterilized. I also made sure that the work area was free of clutter. This experience has taught me the importance of keeping a clean and orderly work environment.

Day1 |Completing all tasks in a timely manner

Today I completed all tasks in a timely manner. I made sure that all samples were processed and analyzed in a timely manner. I also made sure that all data was recorded and interpreted accurately.

Day2 |Maintaining laboratory equipment

Today I made sure that all of the laboratory equipment was properly maintained. I cleaned and sterilized all of the equipment. I also made sure that all of the equipment was in good working order.

Day3 |Following safety procedures

Today I followed all of the safety procedures. I made sure that all of the equipment was properly sterilized. I also made sure that I was wearing the proper protective gear. This experience has taught me the importance of following safety procedures.

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When filling out your siwes logbook be sure to date each entry, and include the hours you worked. If you made any mistakes or had any challenges during your shift, be sure to note them in your logbook as well.

Review your entries at the end of each week and make any necessary changes. If you are a medical laboratory student, it is crucial to keep a Siwes logbook. This will help you to track your progress and document your skills and experience.

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