How to Write a Siwes Report and Report Sample Pdf

What is a siwes report? The Siwes report is a document that students are required to submit at the end of their internship. The report should be a detailed account of the student’s experience, and it should include the following:

  • An overview of the company and its operations
  • A description of the tasks and projects completed during the internship
  • An evaluation of the student’s performance
  • Learning outcomes
  • Recommendations for improvement

A siwes report should be well-written and well-organized. It should be clear and concise, and it should provide a detailed account of the student’s experience.

Aim and Objective of a siwes report

What is the purpose of a siwes report? The primary purpose of a siwes report is to document the student’s experience and to evaluate their performance. The report should also provide feedback on the internship program and make recommendations for improvement.

siwes report on science laboratory technology

How to write a siwes report 

1. Identify the approach of your siwes report:  

Your approach to writing a report is crucial. This will tell if you are trying to inform, describe or explain your progress throughout your siwes training. If you are unsure of what approach to take, consider what message you send to friends on your mobile phones.

importance of siwes report

2. Use a cover or title page. 

  • For example, you may be asked to provide your supervisor with an overview of the progress you made during your industrial training, explain the challenges you have faced, or analyze an ongoing project.

Every Siwes report must contain a Title or cover page, followed by the date you submitted it on a separate line. On a third line, your name as the author, followed by your department and faculty.

  • Ask your supervisor if there are specific recommendations for formatting your report. They are your most reliable resource for preparing a report.
abstract for siwes report


Siwes report on Computer Science

3. Write a brief executive summary highlighting key points.

What are your key points? Your key points are your DedicationAcknowledgements, and Abstract. By doing so, someone can quickly grasp the main points of your report without reading the entire document. Each section should be a different page 

Table of content

4. Create a table of contents describing what your Siwes report contains.

Provide a table of contents that indicates the section headings and the page numbers at which each section begins. Readers will be able to discover the information they need because your report is easy to navigate.

5. Gather supporting materials and research for your siwes report

Defending a report, you will need to refer to infographics. Listed below are examples of materials you can use to prepare your siwes report.

  • Images
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Statistical information
  • Interviews with experts, coworkers, clients, etc.

You can always refer to your Siwes logbook for more information

  1. How to fill a SIWES Logbook and Samples

6. Create a brief introduction for the report.

Introductions should be in Chapter 1, after the table of content. Provide a summary of the report’s context, and explain your purpose of the industrial training. Your introduction should contain:

  •  Definition of siwes
  •  Aims and objectives of siwes 
  • Company profile and Organizational Chart/Structure
Industrial training

7. What are your results and activities performed?

This is where Chapter 2 comes in. Provide a brief overview of the research and evaluation you conducted on your training program. Next, describe and interpret your findings based on your report’s topic.

Here is what a conclusion might look like:

  1. I was able to identify applications and systems overloaded using real-time performance management.
  2. I was involved in changing faulty pictorial indicators of 3 aircraft and replacing them with new ones.
  3. Was able to secure privileged accounts using a web-based solution, reducing the chance of getting the credentials robbed.
benefits of siwes

8. Challenges and Recommendations

For Chapter 3, describe the process you followed to approach the topic or problem. Explain how your findings led to your suggestions. List your recommendations from most important to least important.

  • This section should be the longest in your report.
  • For example about challenges, you might write: Some of the equipment is not maintained regularly and used till they break down.
  • Recommendation: Regular maintenance of equipment should be carried out to avoid machine breakdown and failure.

siwes report sample Pdf for (Mechanical Engineering)

9. Conclusion and References

A reference list might include articles, news articles, interviews, surveys, statistics, and other related material. Cite these references at the end of your report, labeling the page “Conclusion and Reference

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