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How to fill a SIWES Logbook and Samples

Do you know filling a siwes logbook is not as hard as it seems? Think of it as recording your daily activities on a piece of paper. It does not matter what field of study you are in, be it engineering, medical, or art, and it only becomes a problem if you make a false or misleading entry in your logbook.

The logbook is a documentary entry for all SIWES activities by the SIWES student during the Industrial training. The aim is to verify whether the SIWES student is knowledgeable of his/her training.

What to record in your logbook

You need to record:

  1. Name of the Student
  2. Institution
  3. Course of study
  4. level Completed
  5. Name of Company/Establishment and Address
  6. Name of Industry-Based SIWES Co-Ordinator
  7. Week Progress Sheet

View a siwes logbook sample PDF.

Only your daily experience can be recorded in your SIWES logbook. Do not record activities not relevant to your training in your logbook.

You are responsible for the accuracy of your logbook entries. Each entry must be verified and signed by your team lead at the end of each week.

What to record in your logbook

The first weekly assessment page must contain an introduction only. No one will believe you started work on your week, you could say:

Day&Date Work Description
Day 1Introduction to the company the department, my role as an intern was discussed
Day 2Introduction to the team and staff. Continuation and the Contribution of the Job description as an intern

View filled siwes logbook Pdf

In the space provided, you should write a summary of what you did on that particular day. Also, you should include the date. Do not write down what you can not explain or defend.

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How to fill siwes logbook for Computer engineering

Computer engineering students will typically find the SIWES logbook less technical because they fall into either the networking software or hardware subsections. 

Those who fall under the software section work with application GUI UX/UI, while those in the hardware section work with computer components.

sample of filled siwes logbook for computer engineering PDF Download

How to fill siwes logbook for Mechanical engineering

Students in mechanical engineering might find the SIWES logbook easy to fill because most of their training activities are more physical. If you are training in an automobile or solar organization, you are lucky. There is a lot to write.

sample of filled siwes logbook for mechanical engineering pdf

How to fill siwes logbook for Electrical engineering

Dealing with circuits and live electrical components is no joke. Electrical engineering students design, develop, and test electrical devices and equipment. They are also responsible for the maintenance of these devices, systems, and equipment.

Sample of filled siwes logbook for Electrical engineering PDF Download

How to comment on siwes logbook

Every student wants to know that they’re performing well in their training. Recognizing their strengths and abilities in the workplace is a great way to boost their confidence. This could lead to student success and get a good score at the end of the SIWES training. 

how to comment on a logbook PDF Download

Aim and objectives of siwes

  • The book serves as a record of daily activities during the training for the students.
  • During the training period, daily tasks should be documented clearly
  • At regular intervals, students are to submit the logbooks to the company for assessment of content and progress.
  • The industrial training fund may use the last two pages for its official purpose.

Try as much as possible to fill 80% of your logbook this is because when the training is over, it will be assessed by the Industrial Training Fund, and the highest score you can get is 30/30. Please note the SIWES log differs from other Higher institutions.

IF your field of study is not listed please use the comment section and we will help you out

aim and objectives of siwes


Always have a curious mind. Explore different topics, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarity. Be inquisitive, and if your intent is sincere, there will be people who will help and support you in your SIWES training.  


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