How to fill a SIWES Logbook and Samples 2023

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to correctly fill your SIWES logbook. Whether you’re a fresh SIWES intern aiming for clarity or you are rounding up your SIWES internship and striving for accuracy, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know.

Think about it – preparing for your SIWES logbook journey from day one can save you from a whirlwind of stress and mistakes. Many students tumble into the same pitfall of rushed entries and stressed-out errors. But guess what? You can request a personalized logbook entry about your field of study for the whole 6 months. Please click here.

Understanding the Importance of a SIWES Logbook

Before diving into the process, let’s briefly discuss the significance of maintaining an accurate logbook during your SIWES program. A well-maintained logbook is essential for tracking your learning experiences and ensuring you meet your program’s requirements.

Follow these steps to ensure your logbook is correctly filled out:

Step 1: Logbook Cover Page:

Fill in your personal information, including your name, student ID, department, and contact details. This information is crucial for easy identification.

Step 2: Daily Entries:

SIWES Logbook

Record the dates and duration of your SIWES program accurately, the skills you acquired, and the challenges you encountered. Be specific and concise in your descriptions.

The first weekly assessment page must contain an introduction only. No one will believe you started to work on your first week, for example:

Day&Date Work Description
Day 1Today I was warmly welcomed by the development team. I met my
mentor, who introduced me to the ongoing projects and the technologies used in mobile app
Day 2Today I learned about the agile development process that the team follows and how it fosters collaboration
and efficient project management.1
Day 3I had the chance to work on a simple Android app project. My mentor guided me through the
setup of the development environment and explained the basics of Android Studio.
Day 4Today, we delved deeper into computer systems and focused on computer hardware and software. We
talked about the different types of hardware components, such as CPUs, RAM, and storage devices, and
how they work together to form a computer system.

You are responsible for the accuracy of your logbook entries. Each entry must be verified and signed by your team lead at the end of each week.

Step 3: Supervisor Signatures:

After each week, get your supervisor’s signature to verify the tasks you completed. This validates the accuracy of your entries

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Sample of Filled SIWES Logbook PDF:

Imagine having a tangible example to justify the process, like having a friend who’s already holding your hand and showing you what to do. We’re excited to provide you with this sample of a filled SIWES logbook in PDF, one that can save you from the trial and error that often accompanies the logbook journey.

View filled siwes logbook Pdf

Mastering SIWES Logbook: Insights Across Diverse Fields of Study

Mass Communication:

For Mass Communication students, your SIWES journey opens doors to the dynamic world of media and communication. During your internship, you’ll immerse yourself in various aspects of journalism, broadcasting, public relations, and more. You might assist in news reporting, content creation, or even event management. Gain hands-on experience in crafting compelling messages, engaging with audiences, and understanding the power of media in shaping society.

Computer Science:

As a Computer Science student, your SIWES adventure unveils the realm of technology and innovation. Dive into coding, software development, and systems analysis. Work on real-world projects, refine your programming skills and collaborate with tech experts. Whether you’re debugging code, designing user interfaces, or exploring new algorithms, your SIWES experience equips you with practical insights into the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Electrical Engineering:

For Electrical Engineering enthusiasts, your SIWES voyage sparks discoveries in the world of circuits, power systems, and electronics. Engage in hands-on tasks involving designing, testing, and troubleshooting electrical components. You could be part of projects related to power distribution, automation, or renewable energy systems. Embrace the opportunity to work with electrical equipment and gain a deeper understanding of how technology powers our world.

Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering students, your SIWES endeavor bridges classroom theory with real-world infrastructure. Join projects that encompass structural design, construction management, and environmental considerations. Dive into tasks like site visits, surveying, and quality control. Collaborate with architects and contractors to turn blueprints into tangible structures. Gain valuable insights into the intricate world of building our urban landscapes.

Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) and Microbiology:

SLT and Microbiology students, your SIWES experience immerses you in the realm of scientific exploration. Within laboratories, you’ll engage in experiments, analyses, and research projects. Whether it’s diagnosing diseases, conducting biochemical tests, or exploring microorganisms, you’ll acquire hands-on skills that underpin scientific discoveries. Your SIWES journey paves the way for understanding how laboratory work contributes to advancements in medicine and research.

Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Laboratory Technology:

Medical Laboratory students, your SIWES voyage takes you into the realm of healthcare diagnostics. Work in clinical laboratories, performing tests that aid in patient diagnosis and treatment. From analyzing blood samples to identifying pathogens, your hands-on experience ensures accurate and timely medical information. Your SIWES journey is a crucial step toward becoming an essential player in healthcare teams.

Petroleum Engineering:

Petroleum Engineering enthusiasts, your SIWES exploration delves into the world of energy extraction and production. Engage in tasks related to drilling, reservoir analysis, and production optimization. Work on-site visits, data analysis, and equipment maintenance. Your experience helps you understand the complex processes involved in bringing valuable resources from deep within the Earth to our daily lives.

In each field, your SIWES journey offers unique insights and practical skills that complement your academic learning. Embrace the opportunity to bridge theory and practice, preparing yourself for a successful career in your chosen field.

Aim and objectives of siwes

  • The book serves as a record of daily activities during the training for the students.
  • During the training period, daily tasks should be documented clearly
  • At regular intervals, students are to submit the logbooks to the company for assessment of content and progress.
  • The industrial training fund may use the last two pages for its official purpose.

Try as much as possible to fill 80% of your logbook this is because when the training is over, the Industrial Training Fund will assess it, and the highest score you can get is 30/30. Please note the SIWES log differs from other Higher institutions.

If your field of study is not listed please use the comment section and we will help you out

Supervisors comment on the logbook

Here are some sample supervisor comments that could be found in a student’s logbook:

Positive Feedback:

“Great work this week, [Student’s Name]! Your detailed descriptions of the projects you worked on and the challenges you faced show a strong understanding of the tasks. Keep up the excellent documentation!”

Encouragement and Improvement:

“Good effort, [Student’s Name]. As you continue your internship, consider providing a bit more context for each task you undertake. This will help paint a clearer picture of your contributions.”

Highlighting Skill Development:

“Impressive progress, [Student’s+ Name]! Your entries demonstrate a keen eye for problem-solving and increasing proficiency in software development. Keep honing those skills!”

Acknowledging Initiative:

“I’m pleased to see your proactive approach, [Student’s Name]. Your willingness to take on extra responsibilities and suggest improvements to our workflow is making a notable impact.”

Quality of Reflection:

“Well done on your reflections this week, [Student’s Name]. Your insights into the challenges you faced and the lessons you’ve learned showcase a high level of critical thinking.”

Team Collaboration:

“You’ve been an excellent team player, [Student’s Name]. Your regular collaboration with colleagues and effective communication have contributed to a positive work environment.”

Attention to Detail:

“Your attention to detail shines through, [Student’s Name]. Your descriptions of the equipment calibration process and the meticulous recording of results are commendable.”


“It’s impressive how quickly you’ve adapted to new software tools, [Student’s Name]. Your ability to learn on the fly is proving invaluable to the team.”

Constructive Feedback:

“Consider paying more attention to your time management, [Student’s Name]. Balancing multiple tasks can be challenging, but with practice, you’ll become even more efficient.”

Contributions to the Project:

“Your contributions to the market research project are noteworthy, [Student’s Name]. Your data analysis skills have helped us make informed decisions.”

Remember that supervisor comments are tailored to the individual’s performance and the specific tasks completed during the internship. Constructive feedback helps students improve, while positive feedback reinforces their efforts.

  • Comments on Siwes Logbook PDF Download


Always have a curious mind. Explore different topics, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarity. Be inquisitive, and if your intent is sincere, there will be people who will help and support you in your SIWES training.  

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