What are you most obsessed with

Finding yourself obsessed with a lot of things without knowing comes naturally. It shows your human, but most people mistake the word Obsessed with Addiction whereas both words are on another scale part from each other.

Everyone has gone through or is currently going through phases in which they are passionately, wholeheartedly caught up with one or more lifestyles. People are more concerned with money, fame, gadgets, cars, and so on, whereas others are emotionally obsessed with love, fame, music, food, etcetera.

The question is what category do you fall into? the answer is no one is 100% sure because humans are known to change the state of their well-being any time in seconds just like that. In this post, I will be listing the most common obsession 

1. Money

Why are people so captivated by money? 

Money is important, extremely beneficial to get our basic needs optimized to a peak because it means less financial worries and it encourages a healthy life but it becomes a problem when let it take control of our fantasies.

Everyone wants to be free and be their boss, spending money is easy in most cases but making a penny is more difficult. This has encouraged people to carve out their path making money with different means.

Money is defined as an object that is generally accepted by all which means, there is a high possibility you’d experience other attributes like grief, happiness, trouble, enjoyment, power, freedom, and so on

2. Love

when love has gone coping with the obsession?

when love has gone coping with the obsession? Love can be an exhilarating sensation. It can also cause enormous devastation if our ideal partner does not return the same intention.

Love becomes obsessive when people take emotions further, making them too attached to another person which in most cases, it causes love disorder

 The fact people want someone who understands them better, someone to receive and give support, compassion, and company can also take a negative troll creating a sense of ownership about their loved ones as though they are an object or possession.

3. Gadgets

what are gadgets?

A gadget can be a small mobile machine, a device, or a tool that performs a useful function. A gadget might be your Phone, toy, lucky charm, tools, and so on.

Being Fixcaited on an object becomes a serious issue especially when make you spend most of your time around it although, the object might boost the overall confidence of the individual sometimes it makes them feel whole or secure. 

4. Fame 

Obsessed With Fame?

It usually happens when young people fantasize about increasing their popularity in a specific way, creating the ideal image for themselves among friends, family, and the community.

Everyone wants to be the next celebrity, the next tv star but such an instant public figure has far too much sway in influencing other people’s career and life choices, and If they don’t get what they want, they start hurting themselves by going into an inexorable depressive state.

Take away

Are you self-obsessed or being fixated by someone? Are you constantly thinking everything is about you? thinking of other people needs and how you can meet them, please comment below

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