Personalized Siwes logbook

Are you looking for a personalized Siwes logbook to document your industrial training experience? Look no further!

With our personalized Siwes logbook, you’ll have a valuable resource to refer back to as you continue your education and enter the workforce. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your skills and achievements to potential employers.

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How to get your logbook

Please note: Due to the high demand for free logbook entries, the team has decided to charge for 6-month entries as a whole at ₦6,000.00 only.

This is to identify and understand how and what should be included in it

If this is Okay with you please proceed below:

  1. Go to and search for “9jaswitch” alone
  2. Click on the reviews tab
  3. Give a positive review about the website and the particular blog post you need 
  4. Take a screenshot and send it as a WhatsApp message to this number 08060524284
 personalized Siwes

How to approach the author for your Siwes logbook

  • Start your message with “Hey Ajasa” so I know you’ve read this page. (I’m not a fan of spam or bots.)
  • Introduce yourself. Tell me who you are, for example, my name is Ajasa 
  • State your request. For example, ” I need a personalized logbook for “Computer science“.
  •  This is the screenshot of my review. 

Follow the above instruction, then I will take you seriously and send you the link.

Happy Switching!!

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