The Woman With the Issue of Blood- The Untold Faith

Are you familiar with the story of the woman with the issue of blood? It is a biblical story found in the New Testament in the books of Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, and Luke 8:43-48. The story tells of a woman who had been suffering from a bleeding disorder for 12 years and had spent all her money on doctors but was not cured.

The Begining of Faith

On the very same day that Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter, who was twelve years old, He graciously performed a miracle for another woman—who had been afflicted with her illness just as long. The girl’s condition was critical, and likewise, this female’s plight could be likened to death itself. Overwhelmed by His kindness and mercy towards both of them, three Gospels recounted these two incredible stories side-by-side.

She and Jairus should have been comforted by the fact that Jesus was walking beside him; similarly, Jairus could have taken hope from the Lord’s generous act of healing someone else along their journey. Even though we can’t be sure if they later thought back on this moment, it is possible to find solace in knowing that our Savior frequently unites people together so they may derive strength from observing His work for others.

In contrast to the woman, Jairus’ circumstances were far different. He was a respected leader in his town as chief of the synagogue and he boldly requested Jesus with these words: “My daughter is near death; I beseech you, come and lay your hands on her so she may be healed and live” (v. 23).

This woman, who was left nameless due to her impurity, snuck up from behind and touched the edge of Christ’s robe. Though they were worlds apart in their status and approach, His grace acted powerfully for both of them as a reminder of what it can do for any type or kind of person. This is an astonishing demonstration that attests to how magnanimous God truly is!


Although the exact nature of this woman’s sickness remains unknown, it is evident that her body was in a state of perpetual distress: Genesis 9:4 conveys how precious life force is preserved within one’s blood – and she seemed to be losing hers continuously, as evidenced by her fading countenance. It would not have been difficult for those around her to observe the immense suffering that she endured each day.

The Laws of Moses in Leviticus 15:25-27 caused her to be ostracized and excluded from the temple. Even if anyone had contact with what she touched, they would become polluted as well. The Scripture’s verdict was heartbreaking for her: “She shall be unclean.” This plague brought physical pain and suffering, described by our passage in words such as “scourge” or “whip” (v. 29). It must have been extremely trying for this woman who deserved compassion rather than condemnation.

Despite consulting with every doctor in the area, nothing seemed to help her deadly disease. She had exhausted all of her resources by trying out a variety of medical treatments yet she only grew worse rather than improving. As Mark noted, “She had suffered many things from many physicians” (v. 26), and these doctors were draining her both physically and financially without providing any solace whatsoever.

God gave the Israelites Levitical laws as an illustration of how severe sin can be. Sin taints us and makes us filthier than anything else, leading to a loss of our energy, joy, peace, and worst of all: separation from God (Isaiah 59:2). No matter which physicians we see in the search for solace or healing, none will fix what sin has caused.

A glimmer of hope sparked in this woman’s heart when she heard about the power and renown of a greater Physician (v. 27). Driven by her urgent need for relief, as well as reports that Christ could touch lepers and heal them with ease, she ventured to find Him. In reality, it was God leading her there all along; He was drawing this desperate soul towards His Son so that she may be free from suffering after twelve long years (John 6:44). She sought out Jesus in search of a reprieve from the cruel pain caused by her illness – and perhaps even more importantly, the chance to regain back her life again!

The woman with the issue of blood- Faith and Truth Meets

As the woman maneuvered through the throng, she did so with both Faith and Determination. She repeated to herself what was written in her native tongue: “If I may touch but his clothes” (v. 28). As she gradually progressed through the masses, it’s likely that at some point she noticed Christ’s garments–which were seamless according to John 19, made of one piece—and marked by fringes as prescribed by Levitical laws (Num 15:38-41).

the story woman with the issue of blood

The law mandated that a blue thread be intricately woven into the hems of their garments, to serve as an ever-present reminder of God’s commandments. This tradition remained in practice until Christ’s time and was customarily represented by four tassels placed at each corner on the outmost layer – these were adorned with white or blue threads.

The woman was uncertain of how much significance the tassels held, yet her admiration and faith for Christ were undeniable. For 12 long years, she had been unable to make contact with anyone without making them unclean, yet there she stood—inexorably drawn to touch this Savior who could grant healing with just a brush of his garment’s hem.

When the bible meant “touched” in the original text of verse 29. It implies that Jesus had a firm grasp, not just a fleeting brush. This grip caused her body to react and heal itself; for then straightway she felt in her body that the fountain of blood which once afflicted her was completely dried up!

His strength was unparalleled; immediately the issue was remedied from its root. Quickly all isolation, uncleanness, and embarrassment were obliterated. In an instant, it was as if nothing had ever been amiss.

lessons from the woman with the issue of blood

Jesus had the strength to cure this woman because He came here for one purpose: To handle sin. As a result, His power was able to cleanse her from any impurities that were causing her affliction.

lessons from the woman with the issue of blood

Zechariah 13:1 prophesied, “In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and unclean­ness.” Not unlike what we read in Ezekiel 16:6, His power reached her as she was there in her blood, and said to her, “Live.”

She was alive again, living without the presence of death that had seemingly taken her away. This miracle serves as a reminder of how powerful Christ is because He died and rose from the dead to free us all from our sins. His mercy shines through this story and gives hope to those who believe in Him.

Are we motivated to grasp onto God’s Son through faith to be saved? This is what Isaiah 64:7 said. Countless people merely surround Christ without truly committing and having trust in Him; they are unaware of their faith or do not understand the power He has when it comes to saving completely.

The Teacher

After the Savior healed this woman, He then went on to instruct her. In verse 30 it states: “And Jesus, immediately know­ing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?” The Lord was aware of His capabilities and wanted to know who had partaken of them.

While hundreds of people swarmed Him, Jesus sensed one touch that was unique from the others: a believing touch. This woman had come to him in secrecy and He allowed it; however, he would not let her go back home with doubts or uncertainties about what she had done. To bless her even more, His searching question rang out over the crowd – “Who touched me?” (Mark 5:30).

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