Postinor 2: Side Effects, How Long They Last, and Disadvantages

How long does postinor 2 last in the body

Are you curious about Postinor 2? Wondering about its potential side effects, their duration, and the possible disadvantages? Look no further! In this blog post, we will break down everything you need to know about Postinor. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to sex. If you have had … Read more

Vega 100: How to Use & Side Effects

Vega 100 MG

Vega 100 is a drug that helps people with erectile dysfunction (ED). This is when a man has trouble getting or keeping an erection during sexual intimacy. Vega 100 MG can help with physical and psychological problems that might cause ED. This drug helps overcome weakened blood flow that often leads to ED by providing … Read more

Postpill: Side Effects and What Every Woman Should Know


 POSTPILL contains only one thing called Levonorgestrel (don’t worry about the big word). Here’s the crucial part: if you take one tablet within 72 hours (that’s like 3 days) after having unprotected sex, it can help reduce the chance of getting pregnant.  Unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone, and when they do, it’s crucial to … Read more