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Top 3 Safe Unfollow Apps for Instagram 2022

Searching for safe unfollow apps for Instagram? News Flash, we’ve found the right unfollow tracker but! It’s a manual process. So are you stuck at a couple hundred followers and can’t figure out how to grow your audience and track those who unfollowed you? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Unfollow apps for social media platforms have become more treacherous due to intentions of using the app to hack people’s accounts,  identity theft, or masquerading, exploiting, and spamming. These software products you use can make or break your business or media growth, so it’s better to choose a solution that can do the task without losing sensitive information.

Top 3 picks for anyone who needs safe unfollow apps

For anyone who wants to reach out to additional followers, or wants to regain control of their social media mess!

1. Reports: Followers tracker (by LARO Apps)

Currently, this app is only available for ios devices. The app checks who unfollowed you, who is interested in your page, who visited, and more.

Due to GDPR, the app does not store your logins and password. Although, once you log in using a third-party app, Instagram sends a login notification to your mail indicating a new activity from your account. In most cases, the location is not accurate.

Pros of using Followers Tracker:

  1. Free to use
  2. Simple user navigation
  3. Good customer support 
  4. features available for offline usage 

Cons of using Followers Tracker:

  1. Requires the premium plan to use the full feature
  2. If used subsequently within a short period could raise suspicious activity 
  3. Only Available on IOS devices
Unfollow Instagram app

2. Combin ( Instagram Growth)

Combin is a software GUI created by developers. The GUI allows certain features like tracking followers, comments, and mass viewing. 

One unique feature is it’s better than the Instagram interface. Combin is accessible from laptops to desktops.

Combin unfollow app
combin Unfollow app

Pro of using Combine

  1. Almost free to use 
  2. Easy to access from all GUI operating devices
  3. Responsive customer support 

Cons of using Combine

  1. Paid plan to access the full feature 
  2.  it might generate suspicions of suspicious behavior if used subsequently 
  3. This software needs to be installed on the desktop or laptop before you can use it

3. AiGrow:

AiGrow is a web-based solution that comprises powerful features like mass unfollow, bulk delete posts, post scheduler, content creation, mass DM tool, and much more.

The AiGrow solutions help to make things easy to use. It’s a low cost-efficient package when it comes to Instagram marketing. Other Unique features include giving rewards to your followers for sharing your content, running a contest, and sharing coupons.

AiGrow Unfollow app


  • Safe unfollowing process
  • Niche-relevant followers
  • Free to use
  • No download needed


  • Poor UI design
  • Paid plan to access the full feature

How to use Unfollow apps without getting Banned form Instagram

Using the unfollow apps reasonably without exceeding the limits and without repetitive comments can reduce the rate of getting your account banned from Instagram.

For better efficacy of the app, it is advisable to use the app to provide a list of unfollowers and use Instagram manually to check and unfollow people from your account.

What’s the Instagram unfollow limit per day

Ideally, you can unfollow as much as you can using the native Instagram app. This statement is heavily debated as some user experience limits when doing this. 

On my end, I have never experienced this, at least for now. Please read how Unfollow apps work Here


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