Instagram Unfollow apps not Working (Updated).

If you are trying to get an Instagram Unfollow app? News Flash Don’t! or you end up regretting it.

Instagram has reviewed its Policy-terms and condition and has put many other third parties off the grid.
Parties like the “Unfollow app series” This because the information they obtained was sensitive in return to use their services.

How do Instagram Unfollow apps work?

To make it simple and clear, this app works as an excel sheet. It collects data of everyone you follow and the ones following you back and stores it in a list. Then they scrape Instagram again and compare both lists. If anyone you follow is not on the “following backlist” the app will know.

A new list of data is created and shown to you with the tag “Don’t follow back” or “Not Following Back” then you unfollow them manually through the app or through the premium version of the app which makes it easy with a single button.

What people don’t understand is that most of these apps use this pretext to misguide individuals to collect their user login information for another purpose.

In the real world, it’s called “Phishing” but indirectly. Yes, they are good apps out there and at the time, they are more bad unfollow apps in the play store and Apple store.

Many Instagram user has lost their account through this act. Some sold online while, others were turned to bots or whatsoever.

Instagram Unfollow apps

Due to the high level of “Phishing” Instagram has been strict about its user policy. Engaging with third-party apps may not put your account in danger but will be violating the terms and conditions of Instagram.

When this happens, you’ll be given a strike and a chance to get your account back by changing your password.

There is no safe Instagram unfollow app but that doesn’t mean, they aren’t good ones out there. Read Here


For better efficacy of the app, it is advisable to use the app to provide a list of unfollowers and use Instagram manually to check and unfollow people from your account.

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