How To Survive in Nigerian Universities/Colleges

Universities are worrisome to survive on Nigerian campuses. You are presently in university? Or you are planning to go to university soon? Striving in Nigerian Universities is not easy. Life in college is not what you think it is. It is a struggle not just for the lower class but also for the middle class. There is a lot in there. Like your accommodation, your materials and manuals and a lot of them. Those in colleges will understand what I am saying.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself up in this mess like how? And been broke with no money is another full course of three credit units to carry over in college if you are not financially stable enough. And there are lots of dropouts out there who vacate school because there is no money. Not for tuition but for accommodation and other simple stuff that would have been solved if there was enough knowledge and information. They say “knowledge is power. ”

What if I tell you there are things to do at the university that will help you with your finances? Things that will give you more meaning. Yes, I am going to outline a few backup plans for you to check out based on your abilities and your schedules. You can do them without being affected academically. For instance, You can be working and still make an ‘A’ in your course. Because I know that is your complaint. You don’t want anything to affect your studies.

But bet me, you won’t be affected literally if you are focused. Now let us look at this together. I will walk you through how to get it done while you scale through college untamed. You don’t have to depend on your parents. What if you don’t have them? Ok. Let me tell you that everything I will be writing below has been tested and proven valid by many students. Below are some ways to make a living in Nigerian universities.


There are rich parents. No. Not necessarily rich. But there are parents around your school who has little kids in high school, primary school, and other classes lower than yours. These parents are looking for teachers to teach and help their kids with assignments after school. What if you can dedicate yourself, come out of your comfort zone, and seek this? You are really going to enjoy it. For those in Nigeria, you can be paid up to fifteen thousand Naira per month and that is enough for the little things to do in school. It can go long way for you. You can actually teach and still don’t get affected by your grades.

2. Learn a Skill.

Learning skills are very useful in Nigeria as there are no more jobs around for graduates to pick. But while you are yet to graduate from college, you can learn a skill by yourself from mentors nearby or from YouTube, Udemy, and a lot of other sites.

Skills like shoemaking, fashion designing, and electronic repairs are very lucrative when you have them. Learning these skills might take you just a few months to accomplish. And then in a few weeks, you set up your own business. Skills are very vital for both applicants and those who are already there in college.

Learn a new skill and build standard leverage for yourself on campuses. Cake-making pays a lot as students are always celebrating birthdays. What about makeup? This is solely for women. Crypto trading, forex trading, graphic design, and so many digital skills are almost made free online on youtube and udemy. Go there and effect a change.

3. Freelancing.

There are a lot of creative individuals who can write poems, stories, fiction, and non-fiction materials. There are a lot of students out there that can express themselves in writing. Why not try and sell this skill? Not just writing. Freelancing covers many skills like proofreading, graphic design, copywriting, and many more. These things are very usual as you don’t need any skill to do them. You can sell your creativity on platforms like Upwork and What are you waiting for when you have this skill to sell? You can generate a well-defined income that might end up making you financially stable. You might not have to pick a job after school. I know a lot of people who do freelancing for a living. You too can.

4. Affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? Do you know that, Jumia, and Alibaba don’t really own any products of their own? Yes, they don’t and you have to know that they really don’t. What happens here is that companies and store owners around will take their products to them and tell them to sell it for them. They will agree on a certain amount and a certain commission is accepted to be shared. This is called promotion. A lot of college students are into this. I know you are scared of the name affiliate marketing but that is not what you are thinking it is.

I know the first thing that came to your mind was “bring two people and let the two people bring two people each” but then, it’s a wrong impression created by the crowds and the so-called affiliate marketers of today. The way they hype it makes it look like it’s fake. But affiliate marketing has done a great job of levitating college students. Platforms like Oriflame, Expertnaire, Amazon, Clickbank and Bangoods are a very good way to get started with promoting products. Few of them will charge you before registration while others won’t. You can earn up to 100 to 500k with affiliate marketing. What are you waiting for? Go over to Google and search for affiliate marketing sites and start now. That will cover a lot for you in college.

5. Pick a part-time job

There are factories and companies near your school, aren’t they? This corporation might be looking for salespersons who can help them sell their products. Why not try and look for one? Factories like table water or pure water as it is normally called can accept you even without qualification if that is what you’re scared of. Boutiques around you might be looking for someone to help them with sales. Here you are, you have to go out there and search for this job. Both you and your boss should fix a schedule that will favor you. Don’t let it affect your lectures or your study times. Picking up a part-time job is one way better than just being there waiting for alerts from home. Wise up and work.

6. Dry Cleaning.

This is a very easy business to start in the university. You need just an iron and detergents. You can set up your dry cleaning shop and earn a good steam of income. Lecturers and some lazy students that does not have time to wash their clothes. Your duty is to get them, wash them and iron them. They pay you for can charge up to 200 Naira per clothe. And in less than a month, you can make your account fat as long as you dedicate yourself into it.

7. Go Versatile.

I talked about learning a skill earlier but what if you have this skill already? There are lot of things to do online and offline that can earn you great income. Photography is one to start with. Though this is not easy as tools and resources are very expensive. But nonetheless, if you have a good camera, you can do it the good way. You can sell all of this skills and make your way through to the end of college.

8. Food business.

For instance, you can sell either raw food stuffs or cooked ones. Ask for a small place in your school and set up a small restaurant to cook fast foods for students. Because these has been working and it’s still working till eternity. Cooking indomie, making tea and many fast foods can earn you awesome shillings. If you can make doughnuts too it’s an added value to you too as you know people are always hungry on campus.

All this are just a touch of what to can do in college to save you from been broke. There are lot of ways to strive and make it safely in colleges. Go out there and find the right information like this one. No more “daddy or Mummy send money” For the ladies, it’s really rough for you out there as there are ritualists everywhere because it’s better to strive on your own and be alive than to get alert and die afterwards. Think twice and act. I’ll keep updating you with as many as I can. Good luck.

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