9 fun Ai Website For Lazy Video Editors

9 fun ai website for lazy video editors that save you time, enhance your productivity, and eventually save you money.

AI (artificial intelligence) refers to systems or robots that imitate human intelligence in order to execute tasks and improve itself depending on the data they gather. Here are 9 top basics ai to start with while having fun at the same time.


This website does a quality job of creating professional and complex-looking animated templates that require minimal user input. Think about just how useful a website like this could be let’s say you have a financially poor client that is a concert promoter who needs a bunch of animated Instagram promotional material made because of his lack of funds he only has enough money to pay for one hour of your time.

That’s not enough time for even the simplest of animation projects in after effects. Instead of refusing the client, how about you don’t use the after-effects and get his project done with just a couple of clicks? In two seconds, all within your internet browser ends up within your reach, and you can save time and move to the next client. Read more


This is game-changing. However, whether or not it is an ai website is still being debated. The website has a low profile. However, it lacks several AI functions that can be found on the internet. How many times have you been editing a video and realized you needed a graphic social media symbol or any form of branding with a transparent background? CleanPNG is your best option. This website features a variety of high-resolution png images with transparent backgrounds for free. Read more


Similar to CleanPNG, IconFinder is another cool website that does the same thing. The website has free features like transparent backgrounds, retina images, and a massive library of options as well. Read more

4. Colorize ai website

An ai website that you can use quickly and efficiently to color all black and white vintage photos. Select an image, then leave the rest up to the machine learning technology. It only takes minutes. In addition, this website can use Ai to remove noise and create an impressive version of the image. Read more


Do you know compressing an image before editing takes a long time? Instead of opening up complex tools like a photo editor or Photoshop, you can utilize squoosh. It’s a simple web-based program that allows you to compress your images with only a few clicks. Upload a photo or drag a file into the center of your browser page, and the menus will present you with a variety of alternatives based on the sort of compression you desire. Read more


Let’s think of this as an airdrop for people that don’t have iPhones or iMacs, it is a website that allows you to transfer photos and videos between your phone and your computer with absolute ease. This app works great on laptops and phones. All you have to do is open the website on both devices, drop in the files you want to share, and they will automatically appear in sync on the other device how cool is that? Read more

7. Placeit for

Another fun ai website owned by Envato. Do you like to stream games while playing online, and do you need a banner or flyer to communicate with your target audience? if this is you, PaceIt for gamers is the right pick. This website provides a solution to one of the most intriguing and important aspects of your life as a youtube creator creating a thumbnail. The website offers absolutely the best-templated thumbnail solution, and it’s all done straight in your browser.

You have the option to pick a template, and they are easy to edit and customize to your taste. Read more


Wisecut edits videos with Ai and speech recognition. It automatically removes silences, creates subtitles, background music, and more. Imagine you’re out in the field filming a corporate interview and having to interview dozens of people who aren’t used to being on camera, we’ve all been there, and you end up with hours and hours of useless footage of people pausing, restarting, and looking droll in the camera. You have to spend hours and hours cutting all that useless footage out by yourself. Read more

Wisecut Ai


The ai website function converts articles to videos. It examines any article link you provide and then uses artificial intelligence to generate a summary of the content. Keep in mind that the results are not always precise, but they are still quite impressive. It then takes each sentence from the written article and inserts stock footage from its internal library behind it, resulting in the creation of a video. All of this was accomplished on a single console. Read more


If you are stuck on what ai website to focus on, examine all the websites. Chose which ones work best for you? Start focusing on them and see where it takes you.

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