12 Signs Your Crush Likes You

You’d ever imagined you could get that girl’s or that guy’s attention? What if he/she likes you as you do? This has always been a problem for shy guys. Not ladies though because black girls have been considered proud. A lady will never walk up to a man and tell him how she feels. That’s a taboo in Africa. You like him/her but you’re not certain they like you too. You may be wondering why sometimes they act as they do. Yes, not everyone you see around is predictable. I always set myself as an example. I can smile at you, tell you sweet words, and walk away feeling normal. You may not know whether I like it or not because most times, I do give mixed signals.

But below are signs to know if he/she has a crush on you too. These signs may not show up all because of personality differences.

1. They Keep Looking at you.

This is the first sign you can notice in your crush’s. If someone has a crush on you, there’s a huge chance they will look at you. They keep an eye on you whether in public or when it’s just the two of you. He/she might make glances at you frequently. And the funniest thing is when you turn to look back at them, they turn back with the speed of light. That stare alone is enough to tell you what he/she thinks about. Be careful though because not every stare is of love. You have to be alive, put your spirit on to know which one is the right one. Now watch out

2. They try to sit next to you.

I can assure you of this because it has happened to me several times. This girl will always want to sit close to me during choir rehearsal and during the entire service. That was how I knew she liked me. When you notice your crush sits next to you in a meeting or any public function, there’s a chance they like you too. Shoot your shots.

3. They pay close attention to you

When your crush listens to you more often when you’re talking, it’s an update, they are into you. Even though there might be a slim chance but when it’s about the two opposite sex, then they laugh unnecessarily, smile, create some kind of emotions at you when talking. This is a clear chance they like you back.

4. They Want to know more about you.

Everyone will want to know more about someone they like especially when it comes to the crush thing. When they show a keen interest in knowing about your favorites: colors, music, clothes, or point of view about something. Though this may apply to everyone. But, when it gets deeper, be aware they’re not just liking you, they’re falling for you. They may see you as more than just a friend or a stranger.

5. They ask you about your relationship.

Usually, you hear girls asking you “how is your girlfriend? ” They actually want to know your status. They want to know if they can fit in with you. Yes, they’ll inquire about your relationship, past, and present and will want to know if you’re single or not. This is all true for crushes. If it’s not from the same sex, then there is a chance your crush wants you to.

6. They call or text you a lot.

Yes, someone who likes you will wake you up with a call or a text. They’ll text or call you more frequently than normal. The top-secret is when they text or call at late or early times, in the morning or late nights. Chances are they like you just as much.

7. Quick response to your chats and calls.

Whether it’s a call, a text, or maybe a forward message, if your crush replies instantly, it’s a good sign to know they like you. They become eager to do anything in that vain for you.

8. Jealousy.

Jealousy is mostly found amongst lovers. People who have an emotional connection with each other. But this can also manifest in the crush. If you can try a little bit of sensitivity, it will work better for you. When your crush gets jealous when they see you with another girl or they see you flirting with another woman, it’s a sure sign, they like you. The sign could be a slight change in body language, mood, or language expression. I have been here before so, I can tell you it works 100%.

9. They get closer to your family and friends.

All the ladies I’ve known in my life that I was sure they liked me validated this sign. Once it was on social media. This lady would follow all my posts and be looking for replies. Then they go-ahead to add all my friends and families. Like how? , yes. Your crush will do that for you. They will want to get closer with everyone In your cycle. Because they are yours, they will also want them to be there’s too. This is most common amongst women.

10. They will share secrets with you.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my secrets but once I open up and tell you, hey this is what happened to me years back or this is why that or that. Then I’m into you. Your crush will never hide any secret from you even though there are secrets that will never be shared. This person will be open to you all way round. They will present secrets that you will be wondering why they told them to you. It’s obvious to say they have a crush on you too. Act along.

11. They flirt with you a lot.

Yes, I almost forgot to write this on the first lines. Flirting, even though this might not always be true for some people but it’s always clear to know someone likes you when they start flirting with you. Their impressions become so romantic towards you.

12. Social media posts engagement

This is so true when you post all your goods and bads and they get your posts engaged with love, likes, or a wow, there is a clear chance they like you. Even though some people will tell you your partners will never like your posts. It’s not true for crushes though. Crushes will always seek validations from the one they love so they will do everything to get you.

When you love someone, you want them to love you too. But this can so be tiring if you are in this category of shy people. These people are not so open. They find it hard to cope. But when you know they like you just as you do, it will create a little comfort between you two. What is the essence of liking someone and not being liked? Watch those signs closely as they may apply to your crush. Have a nice day. Love you…

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