What is Agender? What Pronouns Do They Use

Agender is a word used to describe someone who doesn’t feel a strong connection to being a boy or a girl. It means that they don’t identify as either gender or feel they have no gender at all. People who are agender might feel neutral or have a mix of both masculine and feminine qualities.

Understanding Gender Identity

Before we talk about being agender, let’s understand what gender identity means. Gender identity is how we feel on the inside about being a boy, a girl, or something else. 

While most people identify as either a boy or a girl, some people might not feel like they fit into those categories. They may have a different gender identity that better matches how they feel inside.

How to Know if You’re an Agender

Exploring Your Feelings

If you’re curious about your gender identity and think you might be agender, take some time to explore your feelings. Ask yourself how you feel about being a boy or a girl, and if those labels feel right for you. Remember, it’s okay to question and take your time to understand yourself better.

Seeking Support 

Talking to trusted adults, like parents, teachers, or school counselors, can be helpful when exploring your gender identity. They can provide support, guidance, and resources to help you understand your feelings.

Agender flag, Pronouns, and Symbols

What pronouns do agender use

Pronouns are special words we use to refer to someone instead of using their name all the time. People who are agender may choose to use pronouns like they/them, which are gender-neutral, or other pronouns that feel right for them. It’s important to use the pronouns someone prefers to show respect and support.

Agender Flag

The agender flag is a symbol that represents the agender community. It consists of three horizontal stripes: black, white, and green. The black stripe represents the absence of gender, the white stripe represents all genders, and the green stripe represents non-binary genders.


Some common symbols associated with agender identity include a combination of gender symbols (♂ and ♀) crossed out or a circle representing neutrality. These symbols are used to represent the concept of not identifying with any specific gender.

Support and Inclusion for Agender Individuals

Respecting Others’ Identities

It’s important to treat everyone with kindness and respect, including those who are agender. We should use the names and pronouns that people tell us they prefer. By doing this, we create a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone.

Learning and Understanding

 It’s okay to have questions and want to learn more about different gender identities. By educating ourselves, we can better understand and appreciate the experiences of others. Remember, it’s always best to approach conversations with curiosity, kindness, and an open mind.

Celebrating Diversity in Gender Identity

what is agender

Everyone is Unique 

Just like we all have different interests, talents, and favorite things, we all have unique gender identities too. Being agender is just one way that people can identify, and it’s important to celebrate and respect the diversity of gender identities.

Supportive Communities

It can be helpful to find communities and groups where people who are agender can connect with others who have similar experiences. These communities provide support, understanding, and a safe space for people to express themselves freely.


Being agender means not identifying strongly with being a boy or a girl. It’s a unique gender identity that allows individuals to express themselves authentically. 

By understanding and embracing different gender identities, we can create a more inclusive and accepting world. Remember, everyone deserves respect and kindness, regardless of how they identify.