What Everybody Ought to Know About “NIN Validation Failed”

NIN Validation Failed, have you ever wondered why they keep telling you “Your NIN is not Verified”. Are looking for steps on how to get your NIN verified please click here if not, let us continue.

The federal government has mandated that every Nigerian citizen should have a NIN number, upon the deadlines, a lot of people still find it difficult because of this pressing issue.

An estimated 30% of Nigerians are experiencing the issue called “NIN Validation Failed” NIN means “National Identification Number”. NIN is a part of the Nigerian National Identity Management System and a multi-purpose card. The NIN stores sensitive information about an individual in the database. It’s a key factor that the Nigerian government mandated to its citizens to prevent duplicate identity and Fraud.

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The root cause of NIN Validation Failed

One of the major predicaments of NIN Validation is the change of Date of Birth. Having a different date of birth on the NIN slip means validation failed without checking it, so where did it all start? Opening a bank account, that’s right the BANK. The eligible age to create an account starts from 18 according to the bank policy.

Most people don’t want their earnings in someone else’s account, and 60% of hiring companies in Nigeria will require you to get a bank account while some other companies prefer their staff to open an account with the bank it uses. An individual who is not up to the eligible age will either use someone else’s account or create one under false documentation. This has pushed many Nigerian youths who work for pay at the end of the month to take those actions without considering the consequences.

What’s the relation between the bank and NIN?

On February 14, 2014, the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN launched a biometric identification system tagged “Bank verification Number BVN. The central bank made this a mandate for all citizens, in refusal not to follow this policy, a bank account in Nigeria that does not have a BVN attached will be closed.

Having the media distribute this policy and the consequences of not abiding by them. Many Nigerian citizens, in particular, the youths who already open their bank accounts using false documentation. Jump to a bank to create their BVN without reverting their profile to the original state fall victims to the NIN Validation. Here is why:

NIN Validation Failed
Listed above are popular Verification methods.

I’ll explain the above cycles in detail:

Once an individual registers their BVN with the bank, the user profile gets linked to the NIMC database, NIN, National ID, NIA, BVN, and many more. When this happens, the individual does not know what’s happening behind the scene.

Many Nigerians had fallen victim to this, under the intent of opening a bank account with false documentation. Others have their data inputted incorrectly into the computer without reviewing the job done by the person registering it for them or another screen showing how it works.

What are the benefits of NIN?

  1. Reduction of cost of governance through integration
  2. Enhancing Nigeria’s public security and ensuring law and order
  3. Providing common identity services for government and private industry
  4. Planning of government budgets, population, etc.
  5. Maintaining individual privacy and identity through enhanced identity information security.
  6. Linking identity and payment applications by reducing the risk of fraud using credit or debit cards

What will your NIN be linked to?

Your NIN will be linked to your:

  1. Passport
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Voter’s card
  4. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS
  5. Banking  Accounts
  6. Transportation (Brt Card, cars, motorcycles, etc)
  7. Health care
  8. ePKI and Pension
  9. Insurance and Driving License
  10. Tax and Sim Registration
Benefits of Nin Validation

Can your Nin Be transferred to someone else?

No, you nin can not be transferred to another person. Once registered under the name, it stays permanent even when the life cycle of the owner ends.

Can your register NIN for someone else?

No, you cant register for someone else because your Biodata, such as Fingerprint and passport is linked directly to the database

how do you know if your nin is validated?

To know if your NIN is validated, you can either check it online or go to any of the registration centers to check.

If you want to check it online, you can go to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) site and enter your NIN. If it is validated, it will say so.

If you want to check it in person, you can go to any of the NIMC registration centers and ask them to check for you. They will be able to tell you if it is validated or not.

Why is my nin not verified?

Your nin might be verified due to the folowing reasons:

  1. Poor network during registration
  2. Incorrect name, age, address, etc. When your nin is linked to your bvn
  3. Unrigesterd NIMC center

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