Top 8 Wines for Valentine’s Day 2022 Nigeria

Valentine’s day is around the corner and you might be thinking about what wine best fits the occasion. Celebrating love all 365 days of the year with your partner sounds indulging but sometimes it’s okay to put in an extra effort to make one special day different from the rest.

Whether it’s an outdoor occasion or making a special meal at home we guarantee these wine bottles will make Valentine’s Day memorable

1. 4th Street Red Wine

4th Street Red Wine

Made from high-quality grapes from selected vineyards, no fermentation, and affordable making an ideal choice for alone time with your partner or spouse. It also comes in 3 different types “Rose Wine, White wine and Red Wine.

Price: ₦ 1,400 – ₦ 2,000

2. Four Cousin Red Wine

Four Cousin Sweet Red Wine

The best fit to celebrate Valentine’s Day and every occasion. Starting from a 1.5 Rose liter bottle which made the brand famous the four cousins has grown and expanded their wine products “Sweet Red wine, Sweet Rose Wine, Sweet White Wine, Sweet Dry red, and Sweet White Wine giving you an African flavor.

Price: ₦ 2,000₦ 3,000

3. Castillo De Espana Red Wine 

3. Castillo De Espana Red Wine 

Made from a variety of base ingredients other than grapes the Spanish wine has additional flavors taken from fruits and flowers giving a rich and fruity delicacy. This wine complements a wide range of foods making it an ideal candidate for valentine’s day.

Price: ₦ 1,660 – ₦ 3,2600

4. Agor Wine

Argo Wine

The rich ruby color produced from cabernet sauvignon grapes with a unique exterior style makes it a perfect fit to suit every taste

Price: ₦ 2,300₦ 3,500

5. Baron Romero Red Wine


Elaborated with selected grape varieties the Spanish wine gentle hints of cloves and cinnamon makes an impeccable classic wine.

Price: ₦ 2,800₦ 4,000

6. Andre Rose Wine

Andre Rose Wine

The famous pinot noir can pair with dishes that straddle with all kinds of foods. If you find yourself alone on valentines day, a bottle of these sparkling wine will make you feel confident without a partner

Price: ₦ 4,000 – ₦ 9,000

7. Carol Rossi White Wine

Carrol Ross Wine

Made from central valley of California, the carrol ross wine has always been we’ll balanced, right to medium-bodied with flavors of bright red fresh fruits and fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish.

Price: ₦ 3,150 – ₦ 4,000

8. Valeta Non-Alcoholic Wine

Valeta Wine

The non-alcoholic luxurious wine is made from a choice of natural flavor of grapes making it undeniably nutritious to the body and makes it enjoyable at every time and by everyone.

Price: ₦ 1,350 – ₦ 2,000

Note: the prices of the products are solely based on research, the prices vary depending on where or what store you might be getting it from.

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