Think deeper, late marriage might be a good thing for you

The bright side to not finding love early.

Life is not linear, never has been. It has always been different Individuals, different strokes.
Social media timelines might be romantic and intimidating. For an incurable romantic like you, that is the apex of life you are dying to recreate a romantic masterpiece on Instagram, you want to tweak a similar one you found on Twitter, you want your slice, scratch that, the entire pizza box. You’re radiating love, you want to give it all out, but you’re not getting it back.

Newsflash, you’re not unlucky. The truth is that while Bella found love on high school prom night, Jonas had to wait till college, Carnacchi was in his early 40s, and Tola was in retirement.

You’re not unlucky it’s not just your time yet. Late marriage might be a good thing, here’s why:

1. Growing with time

Try investing all that emotion in something proficient, hone your productive hobbies, passion, and interests. 

Do you love writing? Go ahead. You’re a programming geek, write codes. Take advantage of the opportunity. 

Go on adventures, volunteer for community projects – profit or non-profit, no matter, meet people, hone your skills, be the best at what you do, explore sexual desires with no strings attached, and keep it simple. Don’t be a worrywart, these things will eventually happen.

2. Identify the real diamond

Over time, our instincts become sharper. You get to differentiate between trait and quality, when this happens, you’ll find that love is the most beautiful thing in existence. All that time gathering experience, gathering heartbreaks, lovelorn wasn’t for nothing. You get to feel the synchronization.
All his/her qualities coming together to form a harmony with yours, and his/her shortcomings you find both annoying and hilarious.

3. Work hard and Save

Having only yourself to worry about while earning money and building your profile is one kind of flex. No partner waiting for you at home, no kids to cater to, while those things may sound unfulfilling, they have their advantages. You can always catch up later. Build wealth, invest and save money for the future. It’s easier to work towards an end without attachments and responsibilities.

In essence, do not force love. Waiting for the right person would eventually come good. Many people have twisted definitions of love because of past experiences. While some see love as bliss, some have been scarred and made to see love as a curse. Go with the flow and do what benefits you.

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