The Ultimate Guide to Enaira Wallet

eNaira is a central Digital currency produced by the CBN. The Digital currency is poised to be safe, secure, and reliable to support individuals, small business owners, and large firms. learn how to register by clicking Here

What is eNaira Wallet?

eNaira wallet is a digital app that stores and transfers currency. the eNaira wallet is made of two types: speed wallet and Merchant wallet

Difference between eNaira Speed Wallet and Merchant wallet

eNaira Speed wallet  eNaira Merchant wallet 
Recommended for Individuals
Recommended for small business and large firms
Major requirement: BVN
Major requirement: Full KYC approved by CBN AML/CFT Regulations

Other requirements: name, address, and date of birth, phone number, email, and password).
Other requirements: email, password, business category, legal business name
Minimum ID is validated

Tax Identification Number
Minimum opening Requirement: N20,000
Minimum opening Requirement: Depending on Full KYC
Maximum Balance: N5,000,000

Maximum Balance: Unlimited
7Daily transfer Limit: N1,000,000Daily transfer Limit: N1,000,000

How to fund my eNaira wallet

 You can fund your wallet Directly from your bank app, from your bank account, and via cash through an approved agent.

Note: It is Recommended you fund your wallet from your bank account over the counter at a designated bank

Does eNaira give any interest

No! eNaira has no interest component.

Different Tiers of eNaira for Individuals with Fewer Credentials.

TiersCategoryRequirementDaily Limit ₦Cumulative Limit ₦
0No Existing Bank AccountNIN Verified Telephone Number20,000120,000
1No Existing Bank AccountNIN Verified Telephone Number50,000300,000
2Has an Existing AccountBVN + Valid means of Identification200,000500,000
3Has an Existing AccountTier 2 requirement + Public Utility Receipt500,0005,000,000

How do I resolve Failed Transactions on eNaira

Reach out to the customer support of the bank you selected when registering for eNaira through their available channels as soon as possible.

How do I Reset my Password

You can reset your password in the app by navigating to the settings menu or by clicking the forgot password tab on the login page

What are the Benfits of eNaira

1. Fast Transactions

2. Local Payments

3. Local Payments

4. Secure Banking

5. Diaspora Payments

How to Activate your eNaira Merchant wallet

1. Download the eNaira merchant wallet from your Play Store or App Store

2. Chose your preferred Bank.

3. Input your Personal Information. (Email, Phone Number, Bank Account Number, BVN, RC Number, Tin, Legal Business Name, and Business Category)

4. Input your Password

5. Review all your Information 

6. Accept the terms and conditions then sign up

7. Contact your designated bank for approval

8. Activate your wallet

That’s it all done.


  • You can only register one BVN with one eNaira Merchant wallet
  • Your Details Must be the exact match on your Bank information
  • if you are experiencing too many attempts with your BVN. wait at least 30 mins and try again
  • if you’re not getting an activation mail, it means your email is not registered with your BVN. contact your bank and ask for a Bvn slip and update any necessary requirements

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