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Spyro Thrilled as Nengi Coincidentally Matches His Outfit; Her Reaction

Nigerian singer Spyro was overjoyed when reality TV star Nengi wore an identical outfit to his during a photoshoot. Previously, Spyro had revealed his crush on Nengi. In an Instagram post, he shared photos of himself in a black outfit with a white cup, noticing Nengi did the same. He humorously questioned if it was a sign from above, asking for divine guidance.


In response, Nengi commented, “Wow.. the Lord works in mysterious ways, what a coincidence!”


Fans quickly joined the conversation. One user remarked, “It’s a sign, bro.” Another chimed in, “Maybe you two are meant to be.” Comments ranged from encouraging words about fate to playful teasing about the matching outfits.

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Spyro and Nengi

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