Sorority Recruitment Process – Made Easy (2023)

Are you interested in joining a sorority?

Sorority recruitment or rush is an exciting and often nerve-wracking process. For many young women, the thought of joining a sorority can be both exhilarating and intimidating. But with some preparation and knowledge, you can make this experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

How Sorority Recruitment Work

Recruitment typically involves several rounds of events where potential new members learn more about each chapter’s values, mission statement, philanthropies, sisterhood, and traditions. During these rounds of events, participants will have the opportunity to meet current sisters from various chapters in order to determine which one best aligns with their goals for college life.

The specifics of recruitment vary between colleges and universities, but here is a general overview of the process:

1. Orientation Round (Informational Meetings)

This is the first step of recruitment, where representatives from each sorority meet with new potential members and explain their chapter’s values and mission statement. This is also when the new members learn the process and expectations of recruitment.

2. Philanthropy Round (Service Events)

These events are meant to showcase a chapter’s philanthropic work and give potential new members the chance to interact with their sisters through service projects. This is an opportunity for each sorority to demonstrate how they make a difference through their local community involvement.

3. Sisterhood Round (Social Events)

This round involves activities and events meant to show potential new members the fun and relationship-building aspects of sorority life. Participants will get to know current sisters from each chapter through conversations, games, and other activities.

4. Preference Round (Ceremonial Event)

This is the most important round of recruitment, as it gives potential new members a chance to learn more about each sorority and make connections with its members. This is usually an invitation-only event where participants get to experience the sisterhood of the organization in a more intimate setting.

5. Bid Day(Commitment Day)

This is the final step of recruitment, where potential new members make their decision and receive their bids. After the participants make their decision, they will be welcomed into the sorority with open arms and can begin to benefit from all it has to offer.

The recruitment process is designed to help each woman find a sorority that not only aligns with her values and interests but also offers a nurturing environment where she can flourish. During this time, potential members could be required to fill out forms, join in various events or parties hosted by the organization; as well as interact with current members for evaluation purposes.


Recruitment is an exciting time for both prospective members and current sisters, so make sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Whether you’re looking for academic support, professional development opportunities, or just a great social experience, sorority recruitment is the perfect way to find your home away from home. Good luck!

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