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What is Significant plagiarism found and How to Resolve it

what is significant plagiarism found? have you ever encountered the word ” We have found significant plagiarism in your text” here is how to fix it

Before going deep into the content, it’s best to understand the meaning of the words “Significant”  and “Plagiarism.” These words have different meanings, and when put together in a sentence, it creates a new connotation.

What is significant plagiarism? 

 This means creating citations for any unverified material. Copying language or materials or context word for word as found in common phrases or widely discussed topics.

You can only encounter situations like this when using Grammarly Plagiarism Checker. In Grammarly, your text can be compared to more than 16 billion websites, in addition to more than a dozen proprietary databases. Other applications may compare your text to websites and published materials that may exist in different databases. For that reason, the results do not tend to not be accurate.

 How to Resolve Significant Plagiarism? 

The native way to revise plagiarised text or content is to come up with original ideas of your own, but there are other ways of getting things done faster and easier.

With ai Paraphrase Tool, you can rephrase a sentence making it unique. Although some of these tools do not give accurate results, there are goods ones on the internet such as Wordtune, Unicheck, and Quillbot with better efficacy. 

What are the types of plagiarised content?

There are two common types of plagiarism, with each having a subdivision under them: 

  1. The positive similarity of a text
  2. The negative similarity of a text

1. The positive similarity of a text: When a text is found to be plagiarized or identical to the one found online, the phrasing may match out of context. Because the result was not flagged as a false result, the conclusion may bring accusations against the user, even though they were the ones who wrote the text.

2. The negative similarity of a text: The software does not flag the texts that were actually plagiarized for a variety of reasons. An example of such cheating is translating borrowed material, which is more difficult to identify.


Although Grammarly is reliable, there are some limitations. If you’re quoting someone accurately, the two should be identical. If your work is plagiarized, it’ll all rest on whether or not you have correctly cited it.


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