Passing out Parade for NYSC Batch C 2023

When is batch C stream 1 2023 passing out?  On the 22nd of May 2023

The current NYSC corps members of 2023 Batch ‘C’ Stream 1 that was deployed or served in various states about a year ago will be completing their National Service on (October,4th-6th, 2023)

You are required to pay a fee for a magazine to your LGI

What are the Requirements

Toward the end of the service, you will provide

  1. Final Clearance 
  2. ID Card
  3. Posting Letter

 Attach your ID Card to the top right side of your final clearance and make a photocopy of it.

Dress Code for Your POP

  • Your Full NYSC Kit

Passing out parade activities include:

Programs scheduled for the winding-up and Passing-out include 

  • Job Awareness and Creation program and sensitization of Corps members on job creation/opportunities after service. This will be done at the Local Government level using relevant officers/ NYSC SAED/ NDE officers.
  • The signing of the final clearance by the LGI will take place later. 
  • Corps Employers should issue FINAL CLEARANCE to Corps Members that have successfully served in their organization during the service year, which is a necessary pre-requisite for the issuance of the CNS.


  • Your final clearance letter is addressed to the nysc state. The heading should be “Final Discharge Clearance Letter.
  • Attach your final clearance, posting, and acceptance letter with the ID card together 

Passing out parade Dates

2023C1October 12th
2023B2June 22nd
2023B1May 25th
2023A22nd March
2022C24th November
2022C127th, September – 6th August
2022B22nd -11th, August.
2022B16th and 7th, July
2022A222nd -27th, April
2022A114th -17th, February
passing out parade nysc

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