How to check nysc senate list for Batch C 2022

If you are a graduate, you probably have stumbled upon pictures of nysc corp members multiple times in your life.

Are you thinking of how to register for nysc, or are you a recent graduate thinking of how to check the nysc senate list? In this post, I will outline the guidelines for registering, the requirement, the date you might get the call for the service, and what you should expect.

When is the next batch for nysc 2022?

25th-30th of October. But there is always grace for those that come late.

How to check nysc senate list

Your school needs to get approved first, and they will also submit a list of students who will serve in the current year to the nysc senate office.


  1. Login to the nysc senate portal
  2.  Select your school
  3. Enter your surname and matric number 
  4. Select your date of birth
  5. Click the search button

Watch the video Here

Why is my name not on the nysc senate list?

If your name is not on the list, there can only be two reasons.

  1. You paid late for nysc
  2. Delay from the school uploading the names

My name is on the senate list. Now, what’s next?

Great! The next step is to register for the nysc mobilization.

You can only register in approved centers. I found the list of nysc registration centers here.

Please note when registering for nysc, use only your Gmail address to ensure a smooth registration success

Watch the video 

How does nysc do their posting?

Nysc objective is to promote unity among Nigerian youths and develop common ties among them.

What does this mean? If you grew up in the west example, Lagos-you would serve in other states either in the north, south, or east. 

To serve in your desired state, you will apply for direct posting. But note the chances are low “Unless you get plug sha.”

How to check nysc call up letter.

  • Login to the nysc portal
  • Click on “Login Here”
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click call up letter and print

How many batches does nysc have

There are only three batches in nysc: batches A, B, and C. Each with two subcategories-batch A stream I and batch A stream II.

Is nysc compulsory?

Yes, Nysc service is compulsory for every educated youth in Nigeria below age 30.

How much is nysc salary

At the end of the month, you will be paid a total amount of ₦33,000

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