Micro Teaching The Ultimate Guide

What is Micro Teaching? Micro Teaching can be defined as a structured teaching practice to give instructors confidence, support, and feedback by allowing them to practice a small portion of what they intend to do with their students with friends and colleagues. 

Microteaching sessions ideally take place before the first day of class and are videotaped for individual review with an experienced teaching consultant. Microteaching is a quick, efficient, tried-and-true, and enjoyable way to help teachers get off to a good start.

What are the steps of micro-teaching

A single microteaching session might include at least seven teachers from the same or similar courses. A supervisor, course leaders, few experienced instructors, and staff members are typically invited. Everyone else plays the part of a student while one person takes the role of a teacher. 

It is the responsibility of these pretend students to ask and answer questions realistically. It is the pretend teacher’s responsibility to proactively engage his or her “class” in this manner.

Typically it lasts five to 10 minutes. When the lesson is over, the instructor takes a few moments to reflect on his or her teaching. Then everyone else gets in to talk about what they saw that they enjoyed. Finally, the group may suggest a few things that the practice instructor should do differently in the future.

Objectives of microteaching

Most course administrators provide situations to micro teachers ahead of time. If not:

  1. Consider a few minutes of content that you want to ensure your pupils grasp before the conclusion of your next lesson.
  2.  Consider how you will approach the subject matter, how you will present yourself, manage the class, and involve the students. 
  3. There are several approaches to teaching a particular topic well. As a result, participants discover that, in addition to what they learn from their practice teaching, they may also pick up numerous useful ideas from observing fellow micro teachers.


Videos Taken of These Sessions Are Only for Reference Purposes and Will Not be Watched by Anyone Else Unless The Practice Teacher Expressly Authorizes It.

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