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Introduction to SIWES Made Simple

The student Industrial work experience scheme, also known as SIWES is a short-term skill training program created to help students from all approved institutions in Nigeria from colleges, universities, and polytechnics, discover, prepare and gain experience in the professional world.

SIWES meaning (summary)

SIWES is a short-term program that provides students with real-time work experience, exposure, avenue, and transition to help bridge the gap between theory and practical situations they will face after graduation.

Aim and Objectives of SIWES

The aim and objective of SIWES are to :

  1. Expose students to discover industrial skills
  2.  Provide avenues for students to gain experience in their field of study
  3. Expose students to practical knowledge in the professional world
  4. Prepare students for a corporate environment 
Aim and Objectives of SIWES

5. Improve student transition and contact for later job placement

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History of SIWES in Nigeria

The short-term skill training program formerly known as National Apprentice Scheme (NAS) was established in 1971, in response to the observation that graduates of higher institutions in Nigeria lacked the adequate practical knowledge and theoretical education in Higher Institutions did not correspond to the needs of the employers.

The parastatal program is sponsored by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) governed by 13 members and operates with 10 Departments and 4 Units at the Headquarters, 38 Area Offices, 4 Skills Training Centres, and a Centre for Industrial Training Excellence under the Director-General as the Chief Executive Ministry of Industry.

In response to the high explosion and the phenomenon of rising youth unemployment in the country, SIWES was conceived, designed, and introduced by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in 1973 to teach students the skills of handling industrial equipment and machinery.

Importance of SIWES 

The benefits of the SIWES program Include:

1. Meeting New People:

As students undergo the training they are able to meet new people with years of experience in their field of study.

2. Sense of Achievement:

Students are able to discover and learn new skills which are extremely rewarding because it gives a sense of accomplishment.

3. Boost Overall Confidence:

The short-term training will allow students to improve overall confidence and advance in their careers, making them prepared for the unexpected

What are the experiences gained during SIWES? 

The key experiences gained during the industrial training program are:

  1. Skills Development
  2. Corporate Environment
  3. Practical Knowledge
  4. Networking
  5. Field Experience
  6. Synergy

Bodies involved in the management of SIWES 

The SIWES management is an advisory council consisting of thirteen members and 10 Departments drawn from the public and private sectors appointed by the federal government to manage the Fund and Skills Training Centres

Bodies involved in the management of SIWES 

Roles of students while in IT training

The Key Role of a student in IT training is mainly is many to:

  1. Gain experience in the field of study 
  2. Implement and apply the skilled gain in similar sectors
  3. Record daily activities into the logbook
  4. Strengthen employers’ involvement in early job placement
  5. Ease the transition from school to work


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