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How to recharge Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Extracting benefits of how to recharge a prepaid meter, how to pay tokens online, and how to activate a prepaid meter for the first time

Prepaid meter users are satisfied when the product quality meets their expectations, and they can perform simple tasks without depending on the help desk.

How to Recharge a Prepaid Meter at Home 

There are various ways of recharging your meter at home, but the most method used is via Baxi Box. The procedure involves:

  1. Copy out your meter number 
  2. Visit a Baxi Box merchant 
  3. Give them your meter number and tell them the amount you want to pay
  4. A printout slip will be given to you containing a token and units bought 
  5. Plug the meter into the wall socket (with battery inside)
  6. Input the 20 key digits on the slip into the prepaid meter and press the entre symbol
How to load token on prepaid meter

The device updates the credit in the meter and becomes ready for use. The same methods work with other Direct agents such as POS and Pawakad. 

How to recharge your meter via Quick teller

  1. Visit the official Quickteller page 
  2. Input the word “electric” and search bar and click enter
  3. A drop list will show containing energy distribution company 
  4. Enter your initials (email, mobile number, customer number
  5. Click the option and select reconnecting fee
  6. Click continue 

How to recharge your meter with your Debit card

  1. Visit the Ikeja Electric Payment Portal
  2. Select prepaid option
  3. Enter Account/Meter number
  4. Enter Amount and Email 
  5. Input your phone number
  6. Click submit

How to Recharge a Prepaid Meter Using a Bank’s Mobile App

  1. Login in to your desired bank app 
  2. locate the pay electrical bill feature 
  3. Select the electricity distribution company registered with your meter 
  4. Input the amount you want to purchase 
  5. Confirm using the OTP code sent to your mobile phone 

How to recharge your prepaid metering with your mobile phone

  1. Dail*565*6*0013*
  2. Entre your MeterNo
  3. Input your account
  4. Enter the amount you want


If you’ve tried everything and still can’t activate your token, you may have a faulty meter, or no electricity from the distribution transformer to the meter.
Contact the customer service representatives at 01-4483900, 01-7000250, or 07000225543 for assistance.


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