How to get a girlfriend in middle school and High School

It’s no secret that a lot of guys stress out about how to get a girlfriend in middle school and high school. After all, it’s hard enough trying to figure out girls in general, let alone when you’re still getting used to adolescence yourself!

Anyway, there are some simple ways that you can make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex and increase your chances of getting a girlfriend. Read on to build your confidence

Be confident, but not cocky

The first skill you will need is being confident in yourself and trust me it’s not easy it’s the very basic foundation. When it comes to self-confidence, people often misinterpret this character trait by overdoing it. Don’t be too cocky and let your skills do the talking.

Some guys try too hard when they are trying to get a girl interested in them and end up coming across as insincere. Don’t do this! Girls can tell when someone isn’t being genuine, and they won’t appreciate it.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not—girls will spot a fake pretty quickly. Show your true self and let that be what makes you attractive. If someone doesn’t like the real you, that’s okay—you don’t have to change for anyone else.

Talk to her and get to know her

It is all about her, not you!

Getting to know someone can be intimidating, but when you take the time to talk to them it can be incredibly rewarding. Find common ground- ask her about her interests, her family, her friends, and what she likes and doesn’t like.

Find out what makes her tick and then build on that. Find out where she stands on important topics and see if you have any shared values or similar life experiences. The feeling of connection when two people understand each other is one of the greatest joys in life!

Don’t be afraid to show your interest in her

Keep your hands to yourself!

Showing an interest in someone can be nerve-wracking; we don’t want them to think we are too eager or overbearing. But don’t let that stop you! Being open and honest about your feelings is brave and strong, so don’t worry about what happens afterward.

Whether she responds in kind or not, it can still feel wonderful to have taken the plunge and shared your thoughts with her rather than holding back out of fear. Showing your interest in someone is an incredible feeling – so don’t be afraid to take that chance!

Find out what she likes and dislikes

Be interested in what she is saying. Also, come up with a similar scenario

Trying to figure out what someone likes and dislikes is downright tricky business. You can ask them, of course, but that might be quite uncomfortable.

A better approach? Pay close attention to the things they say and the way they react to different situations. For example,

  1. Show interest in her hobbies, such as dancing or any sports she plays. Girls appreciate it when you pay attention to the things they are passionate about.
  2. If she has a pet companion like a cat or dog; ask her all about it—she’ll surely be thrilled that you care!
  3. Ask about her friends. Girls like talking about crazy or weird their friends

Noticing those little clues can provide fascinating insights into the types of things that spark a person’s interest, as well as the things that don’t hold any appeal. All it takes is an open mind and an even more open ear!

Spend time with her in person and online

Be consistent don’t slack!

Spending quality time with family is always important, and now it’s possible to do just that with her no matter how far apart you may be.

You can get together in person and enjoy all the joys of being physically close, from tiny moments like meeting for lunch or something bigger like going away for a weekend vacation. Or if that isn’t an option, there are plenty of fun ways to stay connected online so you can feel like you’re still spending time together even when far away.

From video chats where you can see each other’s faces, to playing a game together through an app, there are so many innovative ways being used by families across the globe that let them stay close no matter what.

Be respectful of her feelings and space

A good dancer knows when to leave the stage.

Respect is important for any good relationship. It is important to treat someone’s feelings and space with respect. This means understanding their boundaries, fears, and limits, while not taking those things personally.

Being respectful requires listening to her point of view and reacting to it healthily. Show respect through thoughtful words and actions that demonstrate an understanding of what she needs or even come up with creative solutions to a problem.

You’ll be sure to build trust and a stronger bond with her over time if you practice being respectful in all your interactions!

Take things slowly – don’t rush into a relationship

Nobody wants to get hurt, and so in relationships, it’s important to not rush into things. Moving too fast can mean that we often overlook red flags.

Even if you think you’ve met your dream person if they don’t share the same feelings as you then it’s ok – take your time and allow yourself to grow with them.

Things need to develop naturally and if the relationship has real potential then taking it slowly will only bring you closer together in the long run. You’ll appreciate each other more and have a deeper connection than rushing straight into something.

So remember: when it comes to relationships, go at your own pace, and don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise!


Being confident is key when it comes to interacting with the girls, but there is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. If you act like you know everything, people will not want to be around you.

Nobody wants to be with somebody full of themselves. Instead, focus on talking to her and getting to know her. Find out about her likes and dislikes and spend time with her both in person and online. Be respectful of her feelings and space, and take things slow

Do you have any other tips for confidently interacting with potential partners? Let me know in the comments below!

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