How to fill Siwes logbook for Civil engineering Student

As a civil engineering student, you may have heard the phrase “that’s not in the syllabus” too many times. But there’s one thing that is definitely in the syllabus – your SIWES logbook.

For those unfamiliar with SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme), it’s a program that allows students to gain practical experience in their field of study by working at a company for some time. And to document all of your experiences and learned skills, you’ll need to keep a logbook.

Here are some examples of daily activities that civil engineering students might include in their SIWES logbook. However, if you need a personalized one click Here:

Day 1

  • Orientation at the company. Met with HR and assigned mentor. Reviewed company policies and safety procedures. Tour of facilities.

Day 2 

  • I the observed team conducting site analysis for a proposed highway construction project. Measured and recorded topographic features, soil composition, and slope stability.

Day 3

  • I assisted in preparing cost estimates for a municipal water treatment plant expansion. I learned about pricing strategies and budget considerations.
  • Attended a meeting with the project manager to review progress on the high-rise apartment building project. Contributed ideas and provided feedback during design reviews.


  • Observed and participated in the installation of underground utility piping for commercial development. Learned about trenching techniques, safety protocols, and how to properly lay and secure pipes.


  • I assisted in preparing construction documents for a residential development project. I used AutoCAD to draft floor plans, site plans, and elevations. Reviewed drawings with the project manager and made revisions as needed.

As you can see filling out a logbook isn’t as daunting as some of the structural analysis exams you’ll face in school. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your SIWES experience training and keep a well detailed, and engaging logbook.

filled siwes logbook pdf for civil engineering

Tips for a filled siwes logbook for civil engineering student

  1. Write down your daily activities and be detailed as possible
  2. Reflect on your experiences
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  4. Keep track of any challenges or difficulties you faced
  5. Make it personal and less professional. It helps

Here are other examples of daily activities that a civil engineering student might include in their SIWES logbook:

Week 2

Day 1

  • I attended a presentation on green building practices and sustainable design. I also learned about LEED certification and how to incorporate energy-efficient features into projects

Day 2

  • Participated in a team meeting to discuss progress on a commercial office building project. Contributed ideas and provided feedback on design solutions

Day 3

  • Observed the construction of a retaining wall for a residential property. I Learned about different types of materials and techniques used in earth retention systems

Day 4

  • I helped in the preparation of a proposal for a new public park project. Research potential design options and cost estimates for amenities such as playgrounds, walking trails, and sports fields


  • Attended a workshop on project management best practices. Learned about the importance of communication, risk management, and budgeting in successful project delivery

Week 3

Day 1

  • Participated in a site visit to a wastewater treatment plant. Observed the process of treating and discharging wastewater and learned about environmental regulations and compliance.
  • I attended a training on the use of hydraulic modeling software. Used the software to design a stormwater management system for residential development and prepared a report on the results

Day 2

  • I assisted in the design of a stormwater management system for residential development. Used software to model hydrologic and hydraulic conditions and developed a plan for managing runoff

Day 3

  • Attended a meeting with a client to discuss the design of a new shopping complex. Listened to their needs and concerns and made suggestions for incorporating them into the project
  • I used the project management software to track progress on the Shopping complex. Updated schedules, budgets, and resource assignments and prepared reports for the team and client

Day 4

  • I used GIS software to create maps and perform spatial analysis for a proposed land development project. Analyzed topographic data and prepared a site suitability report for the client.

Day 5

  • I learned how to use BIM software to create 3D models of a commercial building project. Assisted in the coordination of design elements and prepared virtual walkthroughs for client presentations

I hope these examples give you a sense of the type of tasks and learning opportunities that a civil engineering student might experience during SIWES training. Always remember to be detailed as possible.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to use the link if you need a personalised logbook

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  1. In the company that I’m doing my industrial training their focus only on building houses not road and my sides program is just 4month

  2. It is so helpful of you…..this kind of guidance is not given in colleges. Detailed and easy to understand. Keep up the good work Ajasa.


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