How much does it cost to be in a sorority (2023 Guide)

Depending on the particular organization and chapter, these fees can vary significantly. Potential new members need to understand what they will be expected to pay so they can plan financially. In this article, we’ll discuss how much money you should expect to pay when joining a sorority and where that money goes.

How Much Does It Cost to Join a Sorority

The cost of joining a sorority can vary depending on the campus, chapter, and organization. Generally speaking, sorority fees are typically around $50-$100, chapter dues can range from $50-$300 per semester, and national fees and initiation fees are usually around $50-$200.

Recruitment registration fee

Consider the registration fee to be a minimal administrative cost. When you are accepted as a recruit, there will be some paperwork that must be completed especially if you plan on living in either the fraternity or sorority house. Usually, these charges range between $50 -$150.

New member dues

As a freshman joining Greek life, be prepared to pay more than any other year in dues. The amount is usually between $600 – $900 and goes towards operational costs like housing maintenance, educational opportunities, and of course the fun activities that you’ll get to enjoy throughout your membership!

Of course, the exact dollar amount will depend on your university’s policies but no matter where you go expect this first financial commitment while engaging with Greek life.

Existing member dues

If you are a second, third, or fourth-year student, then active member dues will be required. You will pay these fees per semester and your expenses can range anywhere from $300-$600 on average.

These payments cover all of the same items as new member dues including social activities such as meal plans and educational events plus any other exciting get-togethers that the group takes part in.

Room and board expenses

Staying in a Greek house is not always necessary, however, just like living on campus heightens the college experience of any student, so does living with your other fraternity or sorority brothers and sisters. Expect to pay an exorbitant housing fee ranging from $1k -$7k each semester—but it’s worth every penny!

Social expenses

Fraternities and sororities will always host exciting social occasions, from parties to networking events off-campus. To attend these gatherings you’ll likely need to adhere to a business casual dress code which needs budgeting for accordingly.

Additionally, many students typically prefer taking into account the costs of transportation and dining out so that they can take full advantage of all available activities; though this isn’t mandatory in any way.

Alumni dues

Greek organizations often accept payment for alumni membership, typically at a much lower rate than that of student members. This is usually an optional fee referred to as a donation and provides the benefactor with access to many resources exclusive to Greek life members.

If you want all the benefits associated with your status in this esteemed organization, paying dues may be necessary.

How to make sorority life more affordable


Students looking to join a sorority or fraternity may be hesitant due to financial concerns. However, there are several strategies you can use to make Greek life more affordable.

  • Scholarships and Grants –  Scholarships and grants are available both campus-wide and through the organizations themselves. You may be eligible for academic or personal scholarships to help cover the costs of Greek life dues.
  • Payment plans – Most campus chapters offer payment plans so that students can pay their dues in installments. This allows you to easily budget for the costs associated with Greek life.
  • Work-study positions – Many campus chapters offer work-study opportunities to their members. Depending on the position, you may be able to earn money while working at the campus chapter and use it to pay your dues. 
  • Credit Cards – Credit cards can provide an easy way to finance the costs associated with Greek life dues. Just be sure to pay off your balance in full each month to avoid accumulating interest.
  • Fundraisers – Greek campus chapters may host fundraisers like car washes, bake sales, or other money-raising events to help cover the costs of dues. Participating in these can help you save a lot on membership fees. No matter what


Joining a fraternity or sorority can be a great way to make friends, get involved on campus, and enhance your college experience. Though there are associated costs, there are also many ways to make Greek life more affordable. By researching scholarships and grants, participating in fundraisers, and taking advantage of payment plans, you can find a way to join the Greek organization that’s right for you.

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