How to Get NYSC Monthly Clearance Letter 2023

The nysc clearance letter serves as proof that a corp member has actively performed their duties for the month. This letter is given to a corp member from the PPA at the end of the month, sometimes, the first week of the next month.

Although, not all corp members can get a clearance letter from their PPA. In most cases, it might be due to the nysc redeployment, late PPA, Nysc portal issues, or a mismatch in a corp member biodata. 

NOTE: there is a difference between the monthly clearance and the final clearance 

View sample of nysc clearance letter from PPA Here

Remember to make it unique and free from grammar and error to increase the chance of getting it accepted by the LGI 

Why do you need a Nysc clearance letter?

To qualify for the Nysc monthly allowance, a clearance letter is to be submitted to the LGI between the 1st and the 10th day of the month. In some states like Lagos, you can get cleared on your CDS day for monthly clearance.

When is nysc paying their allowance? 

The nysc allowance of 33,000 Naira” is paid at the end of each month. In most cases, you will receive your payment in the first week of the next month provided you have submitted your clearance letter and thumbprint at the LGI office.

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What happens if you miss nysc clearance?

If you miss your NYSC clearance, on your dash it will be shown as absent meaning you have not performed your duties for the month as a corp member and you don’t qualify for the monthly allowance by the secretariat.

What to do if you miss your nysc monthly clearance?

The best option is to call your LGI. Although, you need to come up white a good excuse depending on the type of person the LGI is. The LGI has the authority to clear all outstanding attendance you missed during CDS, General CDS, and your Clearance day. In some cases, the LGI has the privilege to request an unpaid nysc monthly fee of a corps member.

What does auto clearance mean in nysc?

Auto clearance in nysc means during the first two months, there is no need for corp members to manually get cleared at the CDS. This feature is only available to new members of the nysc service

What are the requirements for Nysc final clearance?

The final clearance takes place at the nysc orientation camp. You will need:

  1. Original copying of your clearance letter
  2. Photocopy of your posting letter
  3. Nysc ID card
  4. A fully kitted 7/7

What is Nysc Certificate?

The nysc certificate is for corp members passing at the last month of service. The Final clearance letter must be addressed to the state coordinator and it must be an original copy signed and stamped containing a letterhead from your PPA. The final clearance is the first step in receiving a certificate

What is the requirement for monthly clearance?

The only document required for your monthly clearance is the original clearance letter given to you from your designated PPA.

How to draft a clearance form format?

If you are drafting the nysc letter by yourself, you will need to follow these steps to create the format:

  1. Include your PPA name and contact information.
  2. Add the date and your company logo
  3. Include the state coordinator, national youth service corps, and state secretariat as contact information 
  4. Write a salutation for block style e.g Dear sir,
  5. Write the body of the letter
  6. Include a sign-off e.g Yours faithfully
  7. Proofread your letter

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