GRE Test in Nigeria: See How Easily You’re All Set

Are you thinking of taking the GRE General test or planning a retake? In this article, we will be discussing preparation, tips, and difficulty level.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is the most widely accepted standardized test for individuals pursuing a specialized master’s in business, MBA, JD, or doctoral degree.

How long is the GRE test

There are six sections in the computer-based GRE® revised General Test, with a 10-minute break after the third section. The test takes approximately three hours and 45 minutes.

GRE Section Breakdown 

The GRE General Test is breakdown down into three sections. Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking.

Test takers have the flexibility to skip questions they don’t understand, go back and change answers and decide which section they want to answer first.

Be sure to read the question carefully. The question you are seeing may look similar to a question you have answered before, but the question may be different, and the answer may be different.

GRE Section Breakdown 

How to Study for the Analytical Writing Section of the GRE Test

There will be a focus on analytical writing, but there will still be an analyze-the-argument essay and a perspective on an issue essay.

Throughout the issue essay, you are asked to explain how much you agree or disagree with given statements or recommendations and demonstrate that you consider the implications of your beliefs.

To write an argument essay, you will need to examine what assumptions the author makes concerning a given argument or what evidence would strengthen the author’s position

How to Study for the Verbal Section of the GRE Test

The types of questions in the verbal reasoning section have changed dramatically. 

The new reading comprehension test will have questions where you must select more than one answer for each question as well as reading comprehension questions where you must click on a statement in a passage as the answer to the question (called “select-in-passage” questions).

You’ll also find 2-blank and 3-blank text completion questions, and you’ll see “sentence equivalence” questions, where you’ll have to choose three alternative answers that would all result in equivalent sentences, given the blanks in the sentence.

How to Study for the GRE Test Math Section

You are less likely to see changes in math questions, and it appears the amount you need to know in math is not going to increase.

However, there are a few changes to these types of questions. The test will have multiple choice questions, quantitative comparison questions, data interpretation questions, and numeric entry questions. Some multiple-choice questions will ask you to pick an answer from one or more options.

GRE Section Breakdown for Computer-Based

Paper-BasedTest durationNo. of sectionsNo. of questions
Verbal Reasoning30 minutes220
Quantitative Reasoning35 minutes220
Analytical Writing60 minutes12
Total3 hours 45 Minutes782

GRE Section Breakdown for Paper-Based

Paper-BasedTest durationNo. of sectionsNo. of questions
Verbal Reasoning35 minutes225
Quantitative Reasoning40 minutes225
Analytical Writing30 minutes12
Total3 hours 30 Minutes6102

How is the GRE Scored

For each section, the score will no longer be based on a scale of 800. The verbal and quantitative reasoning portions of the test will each be scored on a 130-170 scale instead. 

When using the old scoring system, a difference of 10 or 20 points appears large, but in reality, it is very similar. Because of the new scoring system, a difference of 1 or 2 points appears minor, when in fact it is not.

GRE Test Centers in Nigeria

Because of the high volume of test-takers its best to register 2 months before the examination


  • Global Distance Learning Institute, Plot 825 Ralph Shabeinde street, off Ahmadu Bello way, Central Business District, Abuja
  • Galaxy Uniprep Centre, 3, Al-khums Close, Off Lingu Crescent, Opposite Red Cross Office, Abuja.


  • JKK House, 229 Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju, Lagos
  • Reliance S&T Limited, 127, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos

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