NYSC Portal: How to check your LGA Clearance

nysc portal lga clearance 2023

The NYSC monthly clearance is a mandatory activity done by corp members to get paid at the end of the month at the LGA secretariat. Without the clearance letter, you won’t get paid at the end of the month. What is the NYSC Clearance for? The NYSC clearance process confirms that the corps member has … Read more

Anterolisthesis vs Spondylolisthesis: Understanding the Differences

Anterolisthesis vs Spondylolisthesis

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in the United States, affecting millions of people each year. Among the various causes of back pain, anterolisthesis, and spondylolisthesis are two conditions that can cause significant discomfort and affect quality of life.  In this article, we will define anterolisthesis and spondylolisthesis, compare and contrast the … Read more

Grade 1 Anterolisthesis: Understanding a Spinal Condition

Grade 1 Anterolisthesis

Grade 1 Anterolisthesisis a big word that describes a condition that can happen in the spine. It happens when one bone in the spine slips forward over the bone below it. This condition is known as anterolisthesis.  There are different types of anterolisthesis depending on the amount of slippage, but in this article, we will … Read more