How to Get NYSC Monthly Clearance Letter 2023

nysc clearance letter

The nysc clearance letter serves as proof that a corp member has actively performed their duties for the month. This letter is given to a corp member from the PPA at the end of the month, sometimes, the first week of the next month. Although, not all corp members can get a clearance letter from … Read more

NYSC Biometric Capture Client

NYSC Biometric Capture Client

The NYSC Biometric Capture Client is used to obtain data from corp members. It could be a photograph of their face, a recording of their voice, or a fingerprint image.This data is then compared to the biometric data of several registered corp members stored in a database. How to dowload the NYSC Biometric Capture Client  … Read more

Life in NYSC Camp: What Everybody Ought to Know

Life in NYSC Camp. At Last, an article to get you fully prepared for your Nysc camping Experience. For information about 2022 streams click Here The Nysc stands for National Youth Service Corps with its motto “Service and Humility”. The Program lasts for 3weeks, on the last day you will be sent out of the camp by … Read more