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NYSC Biometric Capture Client

The NYSC Biometric Capture Client is used to obtain data from corp members. It could be a photograph of their face, a recording of their voice, or a fingerprint image.
This data is then compared to the biometric data of several registered corp members stored in a database.

How to dowload the NYSC Biometric Capture Client 

  1. Visit the NYSC Biometric download page
  2.  Select the Biometrics apps for either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your computer or laptop
  3. Install and reboot your computer
  4. Open the NYSC Biometric Capture Client on your desktop and log in with your email and password

For the app to run smoothly, make sure your desktop is running on Windows 7 with the latest updates.

How to Fix Common Errors During the Installation

  1. Ensure your internet connection service is working well.
  2. Ensure your computer is well charged before the process begins.
  3. Redownload the DIGITAL Persona Scanner’s driver depending on if your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit and install
  4. Check if your Windows Installer is the latest version 3.1 and above
  5. Ensure you have the updated Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)

Note that ONLY Digital Persona 4500Scanner is used for the Biometrics Fingerprints data capture

How to use the NYSC Biometric Capture Client

  1. Open the bimetric app and if does not work, open it as an administrator
  2. Log in with your email and password 
  3. Insert the fingerprint scanner into your computer
  4. locate the fingerprint scanner in the biometric app and test if its ready for capture
  5. Repeat the procedure to confirm
  6. A message will pop saying your fingerprints have successfully captured

Passport Photograph Specification

  • Make sure your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and jaw) is fully shown without bending
  • Ensure the picture fills the frame and centralized
  • Ensure the Photo background is white 
  • Confirm the Passport size is 2×2
  • Click to see a sample Picture

How to Check NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance on NYSC Portal

The NYSC monthly clearance is a mandatory activity done by corp members to get paid at the end of the month at the LGA secretariat.

The clearance serves as proof that you are present, and every clearance day at CDS begins on the first day of the month till the 10th. LGA with large numbers of corps members may fix a different date or split its members into batches or streams.

How to check NYSC monthly clearance on the portal?

To check your monthly clearance first, you have to thumbprint at your designated Local government by your LGI then:

  1. visit the NYSC portal
  2. Login to your dashboard using your password and e-mail.
  3. Click on LGA Clearance​.
  4. You will see a table showing if you are Absent or Present for the current and past months.

The thumbprint automatically reflects on your portal. Sometimes you may experience a delay during the procedure due to network issues. When this occurs, your state code is collected and your profile downloaded, or you wait a few minutes and check back.

Are you having issues with your nysc clearance letter? Click Here

What are the requirements for NYSC documentation? 

The requirements nysc documentation are::

  1. White file and a registration file pined in the front
  2. Personal Data form for field offices
  3. Posting letter. 2copies”
  4. PPA letter 
  5. Photocopy of your ID card. Front and back
  6. Relocation approval letter. If you redeployed”
  7. Three passports photographs 

Note: This documents should be printed in the original form

Can I do clearance without PPA?

Yes, you can get your clearance without having a PPA. The LGI needs to be aware of the situation if you were rejected, reposted, or redeployed. If you are dismissed at your PPA, you will need a rejection letter as proof.

Why is my NYSC showing absent?

Why is my NYSC showing absent?

If your NYSC is showing Absent on your dashboard, it simply means you were not present on your LGA Monthly Clearance date.

Although, in some cases, it might be a network delay or faulty equipment used. If such is the case, inform the LGI as soon as possible. failure to do so means you won’t be getting paid at the end of the month.

They are situations where corp members were present but not paid at the end of the month. Draft a letter to the LGI containing a Letterhead of the state coordinator and secretariat. Ensure your Bank details and initials are included in the letter.

How to print nysc clearance schedule

How do I print NYSC monthly clearance schedule?

  1. Login to the Portal
  2. On your dashboard, scroll down
  3. Locate where it says “Click here to print your schedule“.

You can either print your clearance schedule or save it in a PDF format on your mobile phone. You can choose which method works better but, I will recommend saving it as a PDF it’s less stressful

How to access my NYSC dashboard?

To access your NYSC dashboard, visit the Nysc login portal, and log in using your email address and password. A light green box will be displayed showing your Basic Details information

How Many Months Does NYSC Pay Corpers?

The NYSC official payment is N33,000 naira each month throughout your service for a year. You will receive your allowance either the last week of the month or the first week of the next one.

How Many Months Does NYSC Pay Corpers

Life in NYSC Camp: What Everybody Ought to Know

Life in NYSC Camp. At Last, an article to get you fully prepared for your Nysc camping Experience. For information about 2022 streams click Here

The Nysc stands for National Youth Service Corps with its motto “Service and Humility”. The Program lasts for 3weeks, on the last day you will be sent out of the camp by 12noon to your designated PPA’s.

Life Inside Camp

Life in NYSC Camp is filled with its ups and downs gaining experience in both positive and negative ways. For some individuals it was fun, for others it was the other way round

It is advisable to get to camp on your assigned date given to you but, it’s not mandatory as far you arrive before the “Swearing in” where you’ll be officially announced as an NYSC Corp Member.

Another reason to arrive at camp early is to speed up your clearance faster and also to get a good space to sleep or else you might find yourself in a long queue just for a signature and also a bad spot to rest at night.

Getting ready for camp

  1. If you have the picture of camp like it’s a Holiday? You’re Wrong
  2. If you are bringing your whole luggage I.e unnecessary clothing and accessories? You’re wrong
  3. If you think it might be stressful, Draining, or sometimes frustrating ? You’re right

Are you posted to a Nysc camp in another state? Probably far from home and you’re wondering what you need to sustain for the 3weeks? You’re in good hands.

  • Food Provision. Do not rely on camp food, most time the food is not always in good condition
  • food flask, Water bottle, spoon. Highly recommended 
  • Health Care I.e antibacterial, pain relievers, Dettol, etc.
  • Mosquito net. You probably get in camp but expensive
  •  3 plain white Round Neck and 3 white shorts. The one’s you’ll be given in camp is an eyesore
  • White sneakers. The Nysc sneakers is a little off-key
  • 3 home clothing + one Native. You are only allowed to put on White except on Sundays 
  • You can bring buckets from home but it’s stressful, just buy them when you get to camp. Note: at the entrance of camp or the surrounding outside camp
  • Once you’re in camp, there’s no going out

Accessories like laptops, extensions, wall sockets, pressing iron, harmful drugs, and anything metal objects are not allowed in the camp premises. You will be searched thoroughly at the entrance by camp Soldiers.

For the whole 3weeks, the dress code is white. You will only be allowed to put on different clothing on Sundays from 7 am-1 pm. 

Any other outfit will be allowed for activities within the camp by authorities or it will be addressed as contraband and probably be seized on the spot.

Registration Process inside Nysc Camp

A job sheet Paper will be given to everyone on the camp which corp members will use for clearance. Once a section is completed, it will be signed you will be able to move to the next phase

  1. Language inspection
  2. Get tested for coronaVirus (covid slip will be required)
  3. Clinic
  4. Hostel allocation
  5. Screening of call-up letters/Document verification 
  6. Computer online verification 
  7. Clearance by gender officer (Married Women Only)
  8. Collection of Kit (On Platoon Bases)
  9. Book of life (On Platoon Bases)
  10. ID Card collection (PPRU)
  11. Exeat (Camp Director’s office) I.e if you’re leaving camp before the assigned date
  12. Return of Matters (last Day on Camp)

A temporary ID card will be issued to you and it’s advised to keep the temporary ID card 24/7 till you get the actual ID from the authorities.

You will be assigned a platoon varying from 1-10. These platoons are where you will be giving activities and In each platoon, there will be an elected platoon leader and an assistant to take charge and represent the platoon

Accommodation in Nysc Camp

Life in paradise is what you should expect. A small mattress will be given to corp members, you can take 2 if allowed because it’s expired foam “lol. The next step is to find a good bunk space “ not too close to the entrance, not too close to the wall just stay in the middle for camouflage” Experience is talking here

life in nysc camp

Rumor has it some camps have lockers. This statement has not been confirmed and will advise anyone not to have the mindset of having a locker to keep their belongings. You can keep up your stuff either under the bed or on top. 

What to expect living in dorms with Corp members

There is no room for VIP Corp members, everyone will be treated equally. Although some individuals have their ways of getting things done. Below are what to expect 

  • Stolen Buckets & water 
  • Money theft
  • Stolen Phones and Chargers
  • Noisemakers & Zero privacy 
  • Show off I.e (state hyping, course of study, gadget, etc.)
  • Good and bad influencers
  • Upcoming talents (no one cares if you can sing?) 

It’s best to come prepared and ready to get the best out of your Nysc camp experience. 

Lifestyle in Nysc Camp

By 4 am every morning, camp soldiers will come to the dormitory to wake every corp member. You have an hour to get ready for morning meditation and parade. 

Your health status is a less likely concern as the soldiers won’t listen to any excuse you have for missing a Parade “if you’re sleeping your wrong” the only option is to have a signed paper given from the clinic and sometimes it doesn’t work. So “jump up” who send you come serve your father’s land “Lazy people jump up”. 

Throughout your stay camp, you’ll be living a military lifestyle as you will be trained by soldiers and RSM.

life in nysc camp

Living a luxurious life is allowed in camp. If you have the money you will enjoy camp, a marketplace called Mami is always available at your disposal where you can get food, snacks, drinks, provisions, sew and reshape your clothes, a bar, a palm wine joint, hair salon, photograph studios, gadgets charging shops, etc. 

warning: The prices are double the actual amount you’ll get outside camp

They are people to help you wash your clothes and iron them, polish your shoes, fetch you water, provide you with hot water, run errands to buy food and water once you have the money.

Events in Nysc Camp

They are lots of events to participate in during your stay in Camp such as:

  1. Mr & Mrs. Nysc 
  2. Mr. Macho (body build)
  3. Cultural dance
  4. Debate & Drama club
  5. Cooking 
  6. Dancing & Singing competition 
  7. Football 
  8. Volleyball and basketball 
  9. Parade Marching 

You are required to take part in these events but it is not mandatory and if you are lucky you’ll get posted to a good PPA.

5 rules to survive in Nysc camp

Life in nysc camp is hard, follow these rules for the best experience as they always come in handy.

  • Do not ask or form Right: follow the crowd and you won’t get punished, you weren’t forced to come to serve
  • Spend when you are needed to: don’t fall for traps, you will be told to buy unessary items.
  • Move with the right set of friends: As mentioned earlier, you will meet the good and bad influencers. Each has its benefits, it’s left for you to decide
  • Don’t Rush: unnecessary activities will be given to corp members. wait and observe and you will see that you can skip some but not all.
  • Do not fall in love just have fun: there are lots of opposite genders in camp, have fun with each other because after camp you probably part ways
  • Do not smoke, fight, or have sex in camp: once you are caught, you will be decamped sometimes pardoned.

Take away

Life in nysc camp is a one-time experience. If you are new to Nysc orientation, do not fret. It all rains down to its merit and demerit. If you have the experience and you want to share or also want to add to the article you can comment below