20 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters Of All Time

Some shows stretch and take weebs too long to watch them. That is not the case for the double-MC shounen that milked most of our attention until the very end. Ranking 2nd on the most-favorited anime show of all time, the Hunter x Hunter Characters 2011 franchise is a captivating show that held a high level of credibility while painted with a lot of superpower fiction (the Men concept). Pacing through the 141 hair-raising episodes, through numerous arcs of the Nippon TV co-owner project, who were the Hunter x Hunter Characters that caught the eye and lit up the show?

20. Leorio Paladiknight

Leorio Paladiknight Hunter x Hunter Characters
Leorio Paladiknight

After his first spat with Kurapika, it was hard to not have Leorio’s progress under the radar. Firstly introduced as an avaricious, wealth-driven freak who thinks everything in the world has a price, no matter how much, he later gained the respect of fans. 

Leorio was first perceived as either a very selfish narcissist or the joker of the group, before he became one of the fan favorites after revealing his lifelong dream of becoming a medical doctor willing to help the poor with the wealth that comes with the Hunter certificate.

Now, he would have seen a higher ranking on this list if he evolved along with the pack in terms of mastery and proficiency with Nen. However, Leorio is only an average Nen user. As an emitter, his only ability is to teleport a part of this fist from range to his target. This would have easily been bested by chimera ant squad captains even before they could use Nen. 

19. Komugi

Komugi Hunter x Hunter Characters

Komugi, the clumsy world gungi championship medalist was the only human that managed to draw out the stoic Ant King’s emotions to a point that he found himself drowned in double thoughts, forcing concern of his royal guards.

She was a blind, pitiful and fragile girl, that brewed low self-esteem due to childhood circumstances. She lacked common knowledge of most things, even body care, and hygiene, and she couldn’t even tell when her life was in danger. It was that simple, she didn’t recognize danger, even though Shaiapouf did not try to hide his malice for her.

Gungi was the only thing she was ever good at, no Nen, no combat ability, just an infinitely-evolving gungi ability that was acknowledged by even Meruem.

18. Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter Characters
Alluka Zoldyck

The Zoldyck family is an unusual one. The family of assassins has a reputation for being a family of monsters, with each member strong enough to be a full-fledged assassin at age twelve. Among this group of unconventional humans, Alluka Zoldyck stood out and was ostracized by everyone including Silva, her father, who only saw an uncontrollable or dark child.

Silva’s presumption of Alluka being an apathetic person that has no soul. However, this wasn’t the case when it was Killua around her. She trusted Killua and displayed her simple and affectionate personality around him 

The double-personality character could alter reality and cause multiple mortal disasters without even knowing. She only saw screentime in the final arc when Killua had to somehow make Something, her dark personality, heal the reckless Gon.

17. Ging Freecss

Ging Freecss  Hunter x Hunte
Ging Freecss

Monikered the world’s worst father by the majority of the fandom. Ging named his son where he would be in his life, Gone. He is an interesting character with an incomprehensible personality. His indifferent actions towards his son were a major part of Hunter × Hunter’s success.

The plot managed to protect Ging with other achievements, such as being the legendary two-star archaeological hunter, a former Zodiac codenamed Boar, possessing strength and high mastery of Nen that quelled Razor’s dangerous side and forced him into servitude with admiration.

Ging would have been ranked higher, but he did not spend much time in action for a proper evaluation of his Nen discipline, but he shows shades of excellence in Transmutation, Emission, and Manipulation.

16. Kite

Kite Hunter x Hunter Characters

Kite was at the center of the discovery of the beginning of the chimera ants’ arc. The tall and scrawny disciple of Ging, whom he longed to meet again, appeared stoic but was very compassionate.

Kite did not have much for stage time, the entire series went on long without him, and shortly after he was introduced, he was brutally murdered by a royal guard and eventually turned into the Ant King’s half-sister thanks to the resurrection power of his Nen weapon.

Kite’s most notable role was being the introduction to the NGL arc and leading the youngsters deep into enemy territory. He was a strong character, a conjurer with a Nen ability “Crazy Slots”, carried by a contrastingly talkative staff that lets him randomly conjure 9 deadly weapons, each of them with unique properties.

15. Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer Hunter x Hunter Characters
Chrollo Lucifer

It is quite a big deal being Chrollo Lucifer. Possessing as much leadership and charismatic qualities as being able to keep a group of 12 members of socially-rejected people displaced to the trenches of Meteor City. 

Chrollo is a resolute, intelligent character possessing unflinching calmness; this was displayed when he had to face losing a member of his group and have his Nen abilities put up against his life by Kurapika.

His Nen discipline is a very rare specialization, and his Nen ability is “Skill Hunter”, this lets him rub anyone of their Nen ability, and manifest it himself, however, this ability is also subject to a condition that leaves a bit of vulnerability in him.

14. Feitan Pohtoh

Feitan Pohtoh Hunter x Hunter Characters
Chrollo Lucifer

Feitan is an aloof, sadistic spider with a strong loyalty for his group just like most of the other members. Asides from his surface information, not much is known about Feitan, except, of course, his good sense of fashion and Nen style.

The small but deadly Meteor City citizen is the Phantom Troupe’s designated torturer. He is very proficient at interrogation, able to bend his victim in a matter of minutes with one of his Nen abilities, Pain Packer.

He is a transmuter. His Nen abilities are Pain Packer and Rising Sun.  In battle, he uses a shikomizue blade hidden inside his umbrella. When things get serious, Feitan can wrap himself in a suit of armor that garners all the damage inflicted on him by the opponent into a small sun (Rising sun). This was seen in his fight against the chimera ant squad captain that usurped Meteor City while the group was away. He unleashed a devastating technique famous for its cheeky and characteristic name “Know Your Place”.

13. Uvogin

Uvogin Hunter x Hunter Characters

The Enhancer-type Nen ability peaked in actual action with Uvogin. With him, the show introduced the enhancer discipline most powerfully. 

Uvogin was an endearing, act-on-instruction, and physically-condescending spider that simply relished fighting; he showed that in the battle against the rather disappointing Shadow Beasts. Though he had a riot personality, he was extremely loyal to Chrollo Lucifer and the Phantom Troupe.

His peak potential could only be unlocked if he was burdened with protecting an ally. His physical strength ranks the highest of the group.\

12. Shoot McMahon

Shoot McMahon Hunter x Hunter Characters
Shoot McMahon

The beast hunter, partner of Knuckle Bine, and disciple of Morel is a perfect embodiment of strong but weak. His strength is in his ability, weakness in his personality (timid). He is a prudent and observant member of the Chimera Ant Extermination Team. Unlike his partner, he was willing to go along with the strategy that would see 5 million people become food for the Ant King to save billions of others.

His most enthralling moment was seen after Gon’s courage and determination broke him out of his timidity in the fight with Youpi. He was able to break loose, shoving off his timidity and injuries.

His Nen discipline is Manipulation, and he can dismember his left arm up above the elbow point into 3 hands which he can use however he likes. His most mysterious ability is the Hotel Rafflesia which can be used to rub a target of specific body parts or their entire body as he did the reborn Kite.

11. Knuckle Bine

Knuckle Bine
Knuckle Bine

Just like Shoot, Knuckle is a strong beast hunter, a disciple of Morel, and a first batch member of the Chimera Ant Extermination Team. However, he has a personality and thought process that far contrasts his partner’s. 

Knuckle has an endearing, loudmouthed, and courageous personality. Despite his aggressive looks, he has a heightened sense of sympathy, embodying a minor protagonist with his compassion. Unlike Shoot, he did not welcome the idea of sacrificing 5 million people, he wasn’t having it.

He is an Emission-type Nen user, and his Nen ability is Hakoware, which comes in the form of an amusingly cute, but invulnerable mascot, the Amortizing Power Redirector (A.P.R). Except an opponent neutralizes the counter on A.P.R, they cannot do physical damage to Knuckle.

10. Kurapika

Kurapika Hunter x Hunter Characters

The last of the scarlet eyes clan overachieved in his vengeful quest against the group that annihilated the rest of his clan, way more than viewers had expected. 

His only goal was to eliminate every member of the villainous group of assassins, the Phantom Troupe would see him grow into one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters in the franchise. This would come to seem ultimately insurmountable as the members of the group were introduced later on, with each of them radiating massive strength. He however managed to kill Uvogin, subdue Chrollo, and force Pakunoda to commit suicide.

He uses duel bokken and hidden knives at first but subsequently starts carrying a handgun regularly. His Nen discipline is that of a conjuring, allowing him to conjure five chains from his right hand’s fingers. He can then use Limitation manipulation to improve his fighter talents by putting his own life on the line.

9. Neferpitou

Neferpitou Hunter x Hunter Characters

The Ant King’s Royal Guards were a different breed in the race of the Chimera ants. They possessed strength only surpassed by their king, and were loyal to nobody else. Like the other chimera ants before them, they retained the personalities of the humans they were made from.

Neferpitou, the firstborn of the King’s Royal Guards was a sadist who took the form of a half-cat, half-human. Despite her horrific trait, she was very cute and had a killer fashion sense that is well ignored by many due to her antagonistic role.

She was a powerful Specialist Nen user. And though she had to familiarize herself with her techniques, she was born with Nen mastery and incredible aura. On sighting her, Chairman Petero conceded that she’s way stronger than him. Her ability, Doctor Blythe, a Nen puppet master manifestation that takes the head of a  female Chucky, allows her to repair the most dangerous wounds in a short time. She can also bring back the dead as a puppet as seen with Kite.

8. Shaiapouf


The second born of the King’s Royal Guards, is a sadist, a worrywart among other things. Intelligence and condescension were also part of his traits, as he always claimed to annihilate even strong Nen users in a few seconds.

He’s a half-butterfly, half-human, he has two large wings and two antennae on his head. He spent most of his free time with a book, playing his violin, or worrying about the King. Shaiapouf was never idle.

He has incredible flight speed with Royal Guard-level strength, of course. His Nen category is Manipulation and his abilities are Cocoon, Spiritual Message, Beelzebub, Cellular Reconstruction. He can make a good supporting Hunter x Hunter characters with his ability to transfer Nen to others.

7. Menthuthuyoupi


The last born of the trio has a tongue-twister for a name. He was the least human of the Royal Guards, the most muscular, and the largest. He had a well-shaped upper body, but animal-like legs and two toes on each foot. He could also transform into different sizes and he earned flight.

In terms of personality, Youpi had nothing forego, and he was straightforward. He was one of the few chimera ants that did not retain any attribute of his previous existence.

Youpi was a very strong chimera ant. It’s hard figuring the strongest of the three, but Youpi would be the favorite. He had an infinite resistance to damage, which was tested by Killua’s quick assault and Shoot’s fight. Youpi was the only person in the franchise to force Knuckle into decommissioning the A.P.R. 

He was an Enhancer-type Nen user with evolving abilities – Metamorphosis, Rage Blast, and Rage Incarnate. Asides from his Nen abilities, Youpi’s chimera ant abilities were also bewildering.

6. Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi Zoldyck

The eldest child of the Zoldyck family and an embodiment of incorrigible evil. Illumi always carries an expressionless face and intimidatingly diabolical eyes. He excelled so much in assassination and had no loyalty to anyone outside his family.

The eldest child of the Zoldyck household, and a recurring antagonist, Illumi is an expressionless man with soulless eyes.

His Nen abilities allow him to use designated needles to alter his body, face, and voice to appear like a different person. This was seen twice; once in the Hunter exams; and the second time was in a Phantom Troupe meeting, where he impersonated Hisoka. 

His Nen category is Manipulation, and he can use his Nen-embedded needles to control and torture people, even to the point of making them hurt other people. He would have been all-powerful if he had got his hands on Alluka, making him the strongest of Hunter x Hunter Characters.

5. Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero
Isaac Netero

The Chairman of the Nen association and the most powerful human in the fictional world for ages. His age is unknown, but Zeno Zoldyck, Killua’s grandfather did say he was already an old man when he was a toddler.

He had a childish ability and had a body that had evolved far beyond normal human potential. He never got to full action until the most anticipated fight in the show where he got to summon the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva. He fits the hype of Guru of the series, the Master to look up to.

The only man that managed to kill two Royal Guards, ending the tyrannical reign of the chimera ants even after his death.

4. Hisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow

Sociopathic, bloodlust, strong, Hisoka, one of the most popular Hunter x Hunter Characters in the show, is many things, but predictable is far from it. He was one of the characters that were very hard to read.

Ironically, Hisoka’s clown design does not project the slightest bit of humor, he had a rather intimidating appearance. He had an inconceivable affinity for combat, and he had principles guiding him to decide to kill an opponent or not. He is one for patiently taunting an opponent out of their mental balance before delivering the final strike at a perfect time.

He’s a Nen Transmuter, and he displays his abilities as an invisible, sticky, and elastic fluid that allows him to do anything he wants.

3. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck

The supporting main character was a boy the same age as Gon, but of a different upbringing and family background. But one thing was sure, none of them had it easy from a small age. Killua at 12 was already a competent assassin that had done numerous executions and could open a gate that  Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio combined failed to open without intense training.

Killua thrilled viewers in numerous arcs and is considered by many as the best character in the franchise. Even before he acquired Nen abilities, Killua was already a strong opponent of devastating speed and murderous intent.

Thanks to his horrific childhood, Killua could make his aura electric. Killua can fire lightning from his palms and reprogram his nervous system to react to events before they happen, almost unconsciously, through pre-cognitive prediction.

His Nen category is transmuting, which he wields through thunder-based attacks

2. Meruem


The notorious Ant King is the strongest character in the entire series. Not everyone can take the incessant strikes of  Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva and dust it off like a bird’s perch.

He was a cheat of a character, born with inherent Nen with no limitation to his potential. He would have remained the stoic, murderous, power-crazed, and avaricious king if there wasn’t a certain Komugi that unwittingly beat the malice from Shaiapouf. Komugi changed him greatly and he started to think about how ants had abandoned their traditions and adopted that of the humans.

He’s a specialist with unusual talents and an intimidating aura that can make even the most resistant people succumb just by being in his presence. He can gain the abilities of another Nen user just by eating their aura.

1. Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss Hunter x Hunter Characters
Gon Freecss

Gon, an exuberant, feisty, and fearless 12-year old is the main protagonist of the Hunter x Hunter Characters. He had an incredible amount of determination that was never dented even when he was facing mortal danger and a bad perception too.

Even when he lost, he never failed to make a mark and leave an impression on his opponent.. Even if Gon knew there was no chance of winning, he never backed down, instead, he would attempt a diplomatic solution.

He’s an Enhancer-type Nen user. Rock, Paper, Scissors is how he projects his aura. The Rock is a close-ranged charged projectile attack that deals the greatest damage, however, it needs a lengthy buildup time; Scissors is a mid-ranged invisible blade that grows out of his fingers, and Paper is a long-ranged charged projectile attack that deals the most damage.

His final slice of action saw him transform into a force that could rival Netero, and probably the Ant King, as he mopped the floor with Neferpitou in a vengeful act for what she did to Kite.

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