12 Traits Of Alpha Males

What/Who are alpha males? When it comes to psychology, it is a different thing altogether and most times there’s always something new to find out about.
The basic idea of the male categories is a serious threat right now as you can hear from distances young boys proclaiming themselves “alphas” or other things just to boast their masculinity.

I sometimes wonder if it’s something to really brag about. Though I don’t fall in that category and so maybe you should guess that’s the reason I’ll say it’s not something to brag about but
Let’s dive into this right away and see if it is worth it. Let me clarify the claims by female males who think they are alphas. Lols
Don’t mind me though.

What if you’re alpha? Beta? Or others.
I am going to tell you you could be any and still get along with everything. It still doesn’t matter as seen in Dr. Kevin Leman’s “Birth Order. He discussed our personalities could get twisted by our birth placements. So let’s dive right in.

What/Who are alpha males?

If you’ve been wondering whether you are alpha or not, you can check other traits of the other categories here.
You’ve always wondered why some men are just invincible. They’re just tough at everything they do. Their love life, their finances, self-confidence, and their ability to get along with everyone they meet.
Sometimes we in the other categories
Wonder how? Like how do you just ask a lady out on the first day you met?
That’s crazy lols.

This is normal though to all alpha males and though it may vary depending on personality complexities and other things.

Below are traits you can notice in yourself as an alpha male or you notice in your friend, your siblings or any stranger you meet.
These traits might manifest often or from time to time.


Alpha males are known for their fierce confidence. Both in themselves and the people they trust in. Sometimes their overconfidence stands for them in everything they do thus making them successful in almost everything they put the effort in.

2. Ability to get along with everyone

Alphas generally have this trait and you could notice it in any of them as soon as you spot one in a group. They tend to draw people to themselves and thus they can get along with anyone.
If you have a phobia of meeting new people and getting along as quickly, then you can check other types. You are definitely not alpha.

3. Goal/dream oriented

When an alpha is set to work, they do it until they have achieved their dreams and that alone set them apart.
That hardworking spirit is in every alpha male.

4. Attractive

All alpha males are attractive. Ladies find them Attractive and lovable to be around even though they might not prefer them. They carry a spirit that attracts many people to themselves. Yes, you alphas do that better with your charisma.

5. Dominating

Ladies who control men will never find alpha males easy to control. Once they are in a group, their dominance becomes more active and they rule anywhere and everywhere they go. They easily dominate and will dominate everything about you including your decisions and your thoughts of certain things.

6. Enterprising

When it comes to business, risks, and management, alphas are always active with that and will do it, again and again, no matter the instance.
They have the ability to take high risks in business that will yield big profits for them. Risk is normal as they never develop a fear for it, not for once.

7. Egocentric.

Egocentric. This is a negative trait though but all alpha males are ego-oriented. That sense of who they are will never escape their heads. I recall when it was over all over social media. Every single alpha male was posting how they are, how they don’t do this or that. Selflessness isn’t a thing you’ll find in an alpha male. Not selfish though but will always protect his interest and his ego no matter what.

8. Outgoing

He’ll tell you, hey Jack you’re wrong. He doesn’t hide his feelings and will say what needs to be said in any situation. More of an extra-extrovert. Alpha males are generally outgoing in their dealings with strangers and friends.

9. Competitive

These alphas are struggling for the first position. They’ll never stay behind because they always want to be at the top of the party. If it’s not me, then it’s me. This is who they generally are.
If you find yourself competing with others to attain a position or a status. Then you’re definitely alpha.

10. Ambitious

Castle in the air. These guys are very good at being dreamy. They want security for themselves, power, and attainment. They just can’t let anything slip off their finger as long as it’s of benefit to them.

11. Perfectionist.

Yes, alphas are perfectionists. You can’t just satisfy them no matter how hard you try. When you pick A, they will tell you you’d better pick B.
This makes them very hard and a kind of good workmen. Their projects will always look just as perfect as their feelings.

12. Dependable

You’re dependable. People will put their trust in you. Organizations will put their trust in you and you’ll have to carry a lot of heavy duties around you.

Out of the 12 traits listed above, if you don’t resonate with any, then you can check out other traits here.
You don’t have to be all of them to be an alpha male. It’s obvious you know yourself better and will find who you are by yourself.

Good luck. Love you…

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