How to check NIN verification status

How to check NIN verification status, how long does NIN verification takes, why is my NIN failing, and when is the nin verification deadline.

One of the biggest biometric issues in Nigeria is the NIN verification process whereas, along the line, something is either wrong or incorrect.

Have you ever walked into a network provider office to get your sim card registered? or tried to register for jamb and you were told “Your Nin is not verified”? well, you are in luck as this post will explain how to solve it.

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Why is My NIN Verification Failing

Before you began to read, you should try and research the root cause of the Nin Verification failure as this might help solve future problems.

  • Network servers: In Nigeria network failure has been our closest friend, they come and go without giving notice.
    Most time the reasons why you can’t get verified are due to a network failure, bad weather, bad internet equipment, and sometimes the person in front of the desktop is not having a good day.
  • Wrong or Incomplete Title|Name 
  • Different Date of Birth
  • Bank Identification Number (BVN) 
  • Martial status
  • Level of Education 
  • Change of Career or Occupation

How to Get Your Nin Verified

  • Depending on the modification of data the user has to be at least 16 
  • Locate your nearest Local Government within your area
  • Request a NIN modification form (take your time and fill it out correctly)
  • Wait for your pre-filled information to be inputted on the NIMC Software by a NIMC enrolment officer.
  • Double-check your information using the other screen to check for errors.
  • Satisfied with the information shown, then your biometrics will be captured afterward.
  • Submit the old NIN slip to the officer in charge of the process
  • Come back for the original NIN slip within 2-5 working days or more

How Much for NIN modification

A change per Field cost: N500 except for “Date of birth” which costs N15,000 and is non-refundable.  Make sure all payments are through the NIMC/TSA (CBN) payment gateway.

Requirements for NIN Verification (compulsory):

  • Original copy of the NIN slip issued after the first registration 
  • The printout of the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number given at the bank after payment
  • Application Letter with an authorized signature by the candidate for change in the data you wish to modify indicating the reason

Requirements for Change of Name

  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Newspaper Extract (optional)
  • Marriage Certificate (if present)

Requirements for Change of Address

  • Utility Bill
  • Tenancy Agreement i.e ” tenant receipt from the landlord”
  • Bank Statement
  • Community leader Attestation

Requirements for Change of Phone Number

  • Police Report

Requirements for Change in Level of Education

  • Certificate obtained (Any Degree)

Requirements for Change in Occupation

  • Offer Letter or Recommendation letter)

How to retrieve NIN

Make sure you are using the phone number you enrolled your NIN. you can retrieve your NIN on your mobile phone by dialing

  1. *346#
  2. Select the first option (Retrieve NIN)
  3. A fee of N20 will be deducted as a service charge

The USSD code works on Mtn, Airtel, and etisalatt

Key Facts!

  1.  The process and requirements may appear stressful but it’s worth giving it your very best.
  2. You will be asked for a NIN whenever you partake in any activity in Nigeria, (Traveling, all education sectors, and all Business cooperation)
  3. Only Register your NIN at your nearest local Government office as they are the only ones with high authority to make changes to your profile
  4. NIN is free